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Oxonmoot is an annual event hosted by the Tolkien Society which brings together around 200 Tolkien fans, scholars, students and Society members from across the world. Oxonmoot has been held annually in Oxford since 1974 on the weekend closest to Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday (22nd September) and is the key event in the Society’s annual calendar – if you want to come to any Tolkien event, come to Oxonmoot.

Oxonmoot is a three- or four-day event and since 1991 it has always been in a picturesque college of the University of Oxford. The college supply all the meals and accommodation for the weekend so we effectively “take over” the college and enjoy an exclusively Tolkien weekend! The exact venue has changed over the years to match our requirements but is currently held in St Antony’s College, Oxford.

Activities at Oxonmoot include: talks, quizzes, lectures, auctions, artshows, performances, papers, discussions, sales, singing, slideshows, dancing, costuming, gaming and celebrating. All of this is supplemented by continual eating, drinking and chatting! The weekend concludes with a visit to Tolkien’s grave on the Sunday morning.

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History of Oxonmoot

Since 1974, Oxonmoot has steadily grown from a handful of Tolkien fans meeting in an Oxford pub to a respected annual academic and social event. The name “Oxonmoot” comes from moot, meaning “meeting” in Old English (like “Entmoot”), and Oxonium, the Latin name for Oxford. The spelling is not “Oxenmoot”.

The suggestion for Oxonmoot came from a John Abbot in an obscure fanzine called Nazgul, or The Wakefield Charivari. Under the heading “A Visit to Oxford?” (number 4, dated December 1973) John wrote:

What do you think of the idea of an Oxford Moot this year?
No, seriously.
Whilst watching the re-run of the television “Review” film about Professor Tolkien, it struck me that the Soc. might be interested in arranging an Official Visit dreaming spirewards.
Consider Oxford’s associations with the Professor, Lewis Carroll, Jessica Kemball-Cook and the Pre-Raphaelites, to name but a few.
Maybe some modest hotel could be selected as H.Q.; and perhaps a Grand Tour(s) organised to take in some of the Colleges, breweries and finer points of the City.
Anyway, you might like to register your thoughts with the Committee (not with NAZGUL, of course), so that they can consider the idea.
Do we have any Oxford experts to advise us, by the way?

Previous Oxonmoots

Year Location Date Notes
2020 St Anne’s 3-6 Sep
2019 St Antony’s 13-15 Sep A smaller Oxonmoot as Tolkien 2019 is being held in August
2018 St Antony’s 20-23 Sep
2017 St Antony’s 21-24 Sep
2016 St Antony’s 8-11 Sep Leaf by Niggle play
2015 St Antony’s 10-13 Sep
2014 Lady Margaret Hall 11-14 Sep An extra day for Oxonmoot’s 40th Anniversary
2013 Lady Margaret Hall 20-22 Sep Included a visit to the ‘Magical Books’ exhibition at the Bodleian
2012 Lady Margaret Hall 21-23 Sep A smaller Oxonmoot as the Return of the Ring was held in August
2011 Lady Margaret Hall 23-25 Sep Support from Startech in trialling LED lighting for the main hall
2010 Lady Margaret Hall 24-26 Sep
2009 Lady Margaret Hall 25-27 Sep
2008 Christ Church 25-28 Sep
2007 Lady Margaret Hall 14-16 Sep
2006 Somerville College 15-17 Sep
2005 St Peter’s College 16-18 Sep A smaller Oxonmoot as the Tolkien 2005 conference was held in August
2004 St Hilda’s College 17-19 Sep
2003 St Hugh’s College 18-21 Sep An extra day for the eleventy-first anniversary of Tolkien’s birth
2002 St Antony’s College 13-15 Sep
2001 St Antony’s College 21-23 Sep
2000 St Antony’s College 22-24 Sep
1999 Exeter College 24-26 Sep
1998 Exeter College 25-27 Sep
1997 Exeter College 19-21 Sep Filmed by the BBC for “An Awfully Big Adventure”
1996 University College 20-22 Sep
1995 University College 15-17 Sep
1994 University College 16-18 Sep
1993 University College 17-19 Sep
1992 Keble College 21-23 Aug Incorporated with the 1992 J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference
1991 University College 20-22 Sep
1990 Oxford Town Hall 21-24 Sep
1989 Oxford Town Hall 22-24 Sep LotR’y Raffle. Farmer Giles of Ham play
1988 Oxford Town Hall 23-25 Sep
1987 Oxford Town Hall 25-27 Sep
1986 Oxford Town Hall 19-21 Sep
1985 Oxford Town Hall 27-29 Sep
1984 Oxford Town Hall 5-7 Oct
1983 Oxford Town Hall 23-25 Sep
1982 Cotswold Lodge Hotel 24-26 Sep
1981 The Turf Tavern 25-27 Sep
1980 The Turf Tavern 26-28 Sep
1979 The Eastgate Hotel 28-30 Sep
1978 The Eastgate Hotel 22-24 Sep
1977 The Welsh Pony 23-25 Sep
1976 The Welsh Pony 1-3 Oct
1975 The Welsh Pony 5-7 Sep
1974 The Welsh Pony 13-15 Sep

Map of Oxonmoot Locations