Our Team

The Tolkien Society is dedicated to promoting the study of the life and works of J. R. R. Tolkien. The Society is managed by a group of Trustees and Appointed Officers.


Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting of The Tolkien Society each year. They are responsible for the good governance of the Society and ensure that the Society operates within the law and within the rules set out by the Charity Commission.

The elected Trustees for 2023/24 are:

Chair Shaun Gunner
Secretary Hannah McDonald
Treasurer Annie Haward
Membership Secretary Niamh Riordan
Education Secretary Will Sherwood
Officer Without Portfolio Daniel Helen (Technology Officer)
Officer Without Portfolio Sarah Westvik (International Trustee)

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Appointed Officers

The Tolkien Society has a team of dedicated Appointed Officers to organise events, prepare publications, and to help the Trustees run the Society.


Amon Hen Editor-in-Chief Amanda Drake
Mallorn Editor-in-Chief Luke Shelton
Oxonmoot Co-chair Elena Davison
Oxonmoot Co-chair Asli Johnston
Bookings Officer Francesca Barbini
Education Officer Lucy Angel

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