Smials — named after the word Tolkien uses for hobbit-holes — are local branches of the Tolkien Society which meet on a regular or occasional basis.Although affiliated to the Society, they are independent organisations and run entirely on a voluntary basis. Meetings take many forms, from going to the pub or having lunch through to dedicated Tolkien reading groups. They are traditionally tied to a particular location, but some meet exclusively online.

If you’re a member of the Society, use the My Smials page in the Members’ Area to join local or online Smials and become contactable by their organisers. You don’t have to be a member of the Society to join a Smial, so if you see group you would like to join, please contact the Society’s Smials Co-ordinator and we’ll put you in touch.

Don’t be afraid to start a new Smial. Just get in touch if you want to start a new local group or have a theme in mind for an online moot.

Please let us know if you run a Smial and you do not see it below. We’re building up a fresh list of active Smials.