Mallorn is the annual journal of the Tolkien Society. It is the more scholarly sister to Amon Hen and is usually sent out to all members in the Spring. It has been published regularly since 1970 and is a beautiful glossy A4 journal of artwork from famous Tolkien artists, articles from Tolkien scholars, and reviews of the latest books and films. (ISSN 0308-6674).

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The editor can be contacted through our Contact page.

Guide to Authors

The following list describes the different types of material Mallorn usually accepts:

  • Letters to the Editor – these may discuss material previously aired in Mallorn or elsewhere.
  • Reviews – of books, films, theatre shows, art, websites, radio, exhibitions, anything of possible interest to readers of Mallorn in the widest sense. Reviews should be around 1,000 words.
  • Commentary – this section includes scholarly articles on Tolkien, his life and times, his works, his influence, the works of his colleagues and so on. Commentaries are typically around 3,000 words long, including references (which should be provided inline as much as possible).
  • Poetry.
  • Fiction – Tolkien fan-fiction will not be considered.
  • Well, I’m Back, He Said – this is a back-page item of short non-fiction intended to amuse or inform. Although usually commissioned, unsolicited contributions are welcome. It should be about 500 words.
  • Artwork – Mallorn gratefully receives all artwork, whether paintings, drawings or photographs.

Submission Guidelines

All material should be sent by email to the Mallorn editor, Rosalinda Haddon.

mallorn [at] tolkiensociety [dot] org

In addition to your contribution, you should provide the Editor with a very brief autobiographical note.

All standard word-processing file formats are accepted (including Microsoft Office Word and OpenOffice Writer).

Back Issues

All members of the Society have access to a digital archive of Mallorn and it is a good way to access content from more recent issues.

If you are not a member of the Society, or you want an article not available in the digital archive, you could use the interlibrary loan service available at most public and university libraries. Alternatively you can order articles directly from the British Library. Please note that it might be cheaper to purchase back issues from the Society, but this is dependant on availability.

Subject to availability, you can order back issues from the Society. Have a look at our publications sales page.