Amon Hen

Amon Hen is the bulletin of The Tolkien Society. It is published six times a year and has been produced continually since 1972.

The bulletin includes a wide range of material from announcements and reviews to fiction, artwork and letters of comment. All members of the Society are encouraged to contribute.

The editors can be contacted through our Contact page.

Submission Guidelines

Contributions should be submitted by email to the Amon Hen editors:

amonhen [at] tolkiensociety [dot] org

All standard word-processing file formats are accepted (including Microsoft Office Word and OpenOffice Writer).

Publication Policy

Regarding copyright the Tolkien Society prefers in its publications to accept articles etc. on the basis that the authors and artists grant the Society a non-exclusive licence to publish (in any media), copy, or translate the work and to edit the work for normal production standards. This means that authors retain copyright in their article and the Society holds copyright in the volume it produces, and that should anybody or another publisher, having seen a publication volume, wish to print the article in a collection of their own (such as the publication by Walking Tree Press of a collection of Prof. Tom Shippey’s lectures, talks and papers) then the Society will direct them to contact authors for permission to do so, but that the Society retains the ability to print more copies of our volume beyond the initial print run (if required).

If a contributor is not a Tolkien Society member (and therefore unable to receive a copy of Amon Hen):

A digital “tear sheet” (photo of your work in the publication) is provided upon request. If the purchase of a hard copy is desired, please inform the Amon Hen Editorial team before the issue goes to print to ensure a copy will be printed for you. We may not be able to fulfil requests for a hard copy after the issue goes to print.

Back Issues

All members of the Society have access to the entire back catalogue of Amon Hen in the form of a digital archive. This also includes Andúril (issues 1 and 2) and The Tolkien Society Bulletin, both of which were published by the Society prior to Amon Hen.

If you are not a member of the Society, you could use the interlibrary loan service available at most public and university libraries. Alternatively you can order articles directly from the British Library. Please note that it might be cheaper to purchase back issues from the Society, but this is dependant on availability.

Subject to availability, you can order back issues from the Society. Have a look at our publications sales page.

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