Oxonmoot Online
18 – 20 September 2020
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Oxonmoot is an annual event hosted by The Tolkien Society which brings together over 200 Tolkien fans, scholars, students and Society members from across the world. Held every year since 1974 on a weekend close to Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday – 22 September – it is the key event in the Society’s annual calendar.

Sadly the social distancing regulations in place in the UK this year meant that we were unable to hold a face-to-face event in 2020 – so instead from 18th to 20th September we held a virtual event…

Oxonmoot Online

Oxonmoot Online was a very different event from a normal Oxonmoot, but we set out to bring our delegates a busy and engaging weekend of Tolkien related activities, including as many as possible of the usual elements which make up Oxonmoot.


Post Event Video Membership

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Good News!!! Oxonmoot Online may be in the past, but it’s still possible to join us and enjoy much of the event.

We have captured Videos of:

  • All 6 Keynotes (see below)
  • The Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  • The Quiz
  • The Entertainments & Masquerade
  • Enyalië (Remembrance)
  • All 33 Talks & Papers
  • The Poetry Reading
  • Cooking with Beorn’s (secret) wife
  • The Introduction to the Archives

Video Membership of Oxonmoot Online gives you access to all of the above (a total of 30 hours) until 31st December 2020, plus copies of all the delegate documentation including Abstracts, Programme Participant Biographies and the Poetry Anthology.

Video Membership costs just £10 for Tolkien Society members, or £20 for non-members – or why not join the Tolkien Society first and make use of the discount and a full year of everything the Society has to offer?

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Art Show

The Oxonmoot Online Virtual Art Show is a fully interactive 3-D virtual art gallery, featuring 119 artworks by 33 artists.

Click here for a short video of highlights of the Art Show (YouTube Link)

The Art Show is now open to the general public until 31st October 2020.

Click here to visit the online Art Show (external website).




Oxonmoot Online featured 6 keynote talks and panels:

  • Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales at 40 by Dr Dimitra Fimi, Senior Lecturer in Fantasy and Children’s Literature and Co-Director of the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic at the University of Glasgow, UK
  • Diversity in Tolkien Scholarship and Fandom, a round-table discussion and Q&A moderated by Sultana Raza, with Elyanna Choi and Sarah Westvik
  • New Voices in Tolkien Scholarship, a panel moderated by Luke Shelton, with Mina Lukic, Taylor Driggers, Mariana Rios Maldonado and Laura Martin-Gomez
  • An Evening with Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull, an informal hour with Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull, Tolkien scholars and recipients of the 2020 Tolkien Society Outstanding Contribution Award
  • The Future of the Tolkien Society, a presentation and discussion led by Shaun Gunner, Chair of the Tolkien Society
  • What Does It Mean to Talk about Tolkien and Diversity? A Look within and without the Legendarium by Dr Yvette Kisor, Professor of English and Literary Studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA, and co-editor of Tolkien and Alterity.


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