Oxonmoot Online
18 – 20 September 2020
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Oxonmoot is an annual event hosted by The Tolkien Society which brings together over 200 Tolkien fans, scholars, students and Society members from across the world. Held every year since 1974 on a weekend close to Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday – 22 September – it is the key event in the Society’s annual calendar.

Sadly the social distancing regulations currently in place in the UK mean that we have concluded that it will be impossible to hold a face-to-face event in 2020 – so it is with great pleasure that we introduce…

Oxonmoot Online

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Oxonmoot Online will be held over three days from Friday 18th September to Sunday 20th September 2020.

Clearly Oxonmoot Online will be a very different event from a normal Oxonmoot, but our aim is to bring you a busy and engaging weekend of Tolkien related activities. In addition, the online nature of the event offers new opportunities for international members who are normally unable to travel to Oxford to take part.

Oxonmoot Online will include virtual versions of many of the events which feature in a face-to-face Oxonmoot, including:

In addition, we will create a range of social spaces where delegates can meet to chat, play games, or just “hang out”.



Thanks to the actions of Ar-Pharazôn at the end of the Second Age, we find ourselves living on a round world – which means we have to deal with the complexities of time zones. To make the event as accessible as possible to as many of our members as we can, the “core” time for the keynote events and larger activities will be 17:00-22:30 UK time.

Outside these hours, we will run an engaging programme of talks, papers, activities and social gatherings – the exact timing of which will depend on the offers we get from you, our members. We intend to record talks and papers so that delegates can watch the presentations which are delivered at a time which is difficult in their time zone.

The detailed programme will be published nearer to the event, but our plan for the core time is currently:

  • Friday 18th September 18:00-22:30 UK time (13:00-17:30 USA Eastern Time, 10:00-14:30 USA Pacific Time)
    • Keynote Talk – Dr Dimitra Fimi, Senior Lecturer in Fantasy and Children’s Literature and Co-Director of the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic at the University of Glasgow, UK
    • Opening Ceremony (19:00 UK time)
    • Diversity in Tolkien Scholarship and Fandom, a round-table discussion and Q&A moderated by Sultana Raza, with Elyanna Choi and Sarah Westvik
    • Quiz
  • Saturday 19th September 17:15-23:00 UK time (12:15-18:00 USA Eastern Time, 09:15-15:00 USA Pacific Time)
    • New Voices in Tolkien Scholarship, a panel moderated by Luke Shelton, with Mina Lukic, Taylor Driggers, Mariana Rios Maldonado and Laura Martin-Gomez
    • Keynote Talk – Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull, Tolkien scholars and recipients of the 2020 Tolkien Society Outstanding Contribution Award
    • Shared dinner, including facing West before dinner in the manner of Faramir in Henneth Annûn and toasts
    • Entertainments & Masquerade
  • Sunday 20th September 18:00-20:00 UK time (13:00-15:00 USA Eastern Time, 10:00-12:00 USA Pacific Time)
    • The Future of the Tolkien Society, a presentation and discussion led by Shaun Gunner, Chair of the Tolkien Society
    • Keynote Talk – Professor Yvette Kisor, Professor of English and Literary Studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA, and co-editor of Tolkien and Alterity.
    • Enyalië and Closing Ceremony (20:00 UK time)

Between these times, the programme will depend on what you offer by way of…

Programme Contributions

The Call for Papers is now closed. Decisions on which papers can be presented will be communicated to those who have submitted abstracts by the end of July, and the programme of Talks & Papers will be published early in August. Any questions in the meantime should be sent to the Talks & Papers Coordinator.

Alongside the core programme and talks and papers, we want to run an extensive programme of activities and events – these could include group discussions, social spaces (which could be themed, or in a particular language), craft activities for people to join in, demonstrations or “master-classes”, or anything else you can imagine which might work as part of a virtual event. Click here for further information and to submit your proposal for a contribution to the programme.

For further information, or to discuss ideas before submission, please email


Book Now

Registration costs £20 per connection for Tolkien Society members, and £30 per connection for non-members. This provides access to all the events and activities over the 50 hours of Oxonmoot Online, and covers the costs of running the event; any surplus will be used to support the charitable activities of the Society. Oxonmoot Online will not be streamed live – the only way to access it is to register.

If you are joining as a group, for example with other members of your household or as a Smial, please think about how many connections you need. While joining the audience for the large keynote talks, quiz, entertainments and Enyalië will be possible for larger groups, if you want to engage in smaller activities and social spaces we do not recommend sharing your connection across more than 2 or 3 people.

As well as receiving a link to the Zoom meeting, members will receive:

  • Joining Instructions providing all the detail they need to take part in the event
  • Detailed schedule of the event
  • Any handouts provided by speakers
  • Printable items for use during craft workshops
  • Information on materials required for craft workshops
  • Other information/materials as required

Once the timetable is finalised, members will be sent a form to ask them to pre-book the specific activities they wish to participate in. This is to help us manage the event, and “move” people from one event to another more efficiently.

Art Show

As part of Oxonmoot Online, we are planning an online Art Show to showcase the work of the global community of Tolkien Artists.

For further information and to submit artwork for display, click here

Entertainers and Costumers

On the Saturday evening we will be running an evening of Entertainments. Other events will be organised for those with specific interests (e.g. poetry reading). Click here for further information, and to let us know what you would like to perform – whether it be a song, sketch or monologue.

Presenting costumes “live” using a PC camera is difficult, so our plan for the Costume Masquerade is to invite pre-submission of videos of you in your costumes which we will compile. Click here for more details of the Masquerade and how to enter. And don’t worry if your costume skills are stronger than your technical skills – we are happy to help with your submission.


If you would like to read a poem, whether your own or one by Tolkien or one of his associates, at our Poetry Reading session, click here.


If you are interested in being part of our virtual Dealers’ Space, please contact the Dealers’ Coordinator.

Help Required

As well as offers to run activities (see above), we need help from people with the following skills:

  • Zoom Stewards: people with experience running Zoom or other online meeting spaces who can support presenters and hosts with background management of the Zoom space. Training and details of the role will be provided.
  • Video Editors: we need help compiling and editing video material before the event to use during the event, posting talks and papers during the event, and editing any material we wish to publish more widely after the event

If you think you could help with either of these, please email

Who to Contact

If you have any questions or ideas, or need any further information, please email