Oxonmoot 2022
1 – 4 September 2022
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Oxonmoot is an annual event hosted by The Tolkien Society which brings together Tolkien fans, scholars, students and Society members from across the world. Oxonmoot 2022 is being held over four days, from the afternoon of Thursday 1st September until lunch time on Sunday 4th September. Like in 2021, this will be a hybrid event bringing together online delegates with those attending in person at St Anne’s College, Oxford.

Book now as a Video Only Delegate*

Oxonmoot 2022 is now over, but you can still book as a Video Only Delegate. We’ve currently got about 28 hours of video from Oxonmoot 2022 uploaded for viewing by our delegates – including all the talks and papers, Brian Sibley’s talks and Enyalië, with more to follow as we get it processed. Video membership costs £20 for Tolkien Society members, and £30 for non-members. To join as a video member, use the link above and Coupon Code PALANTIR22.

To get a flavour of the event, check out the highlights of Oxonmoot 2022…


The Oxonmoot programme includes talks, quizzes, lectures, workshops, performances, papers, discussions, singing, slideshows, costuming, gaming and celebrating. All of this is supplemented by eating, drinking and chatting! The weekend concludes with a visit to Tolkien’s grave on Sunday afternoon, known as Enyalië (“Remembrance”) — a beautiful and moving end to the event.

In this hybrid event, we will aim to make as much as possible of the programme available to both “in person” and “online” delegates, complementing this hybrid content with dedicated items for each group. Ultimately, our objective is to ensure that everyone gets a true “Oxonmoot Experience”.

For details on the “Calls” for various forms of programme contribution, please visit the information for programme participants here.

The Call for Papers is now closed.

The Calls for Masquerade Entries,  Poetry, Activities and Entertainments have now closed.

Talks & Papers:

We are delighted to announce the speakers for the Talks and Papers programme at Oxonmoot 2022. The Talks and Papers are always an eclectic mixture covering all aspects of matters Tolkien, but this year’s promises to be as diverse and exciting as we have ever had. The programme combines in person and online presentations, and can be enjoyed whether you join us in Oxford or as an Online delegate.

The Talks and Papers will be complemented by a wide range of other Activities and Events which will be announced as they are confirmed.

  • Nils Ivar Agøy – Tolkien and Old Norse – for Dummies
  • José Anido Rodríguez – In a hole in the ground there lived a reader: the beginning of The Hobbit and its readings
  • Marcel Aubron-Bülles – “No time for that either!”: Thoughts and reflections on adventures, adaptations, and turning fifty at Oxonmoot
  • Marie Bretagnolle – A Princess illustrates The Lord of the Rings: Ingahild Grathmer, Eric Fraser and the Folio Society
  • Sara Brown – Remembering and Forgetting: National identity construction in Tolkien’s Middle-earth
  • Paul Bryant-Quinn – A possible Welsh source for the name Arwen
  • Journee Cotton – An Environmental Bioethical Approach to Ageing Bodies of Middle-earth
  • David Doughan – Reading Tolkien in the 1950s
  • Tom Emanuel – An Aspirational Cultus? Reading Tolkien fandom as secondary faith community
  • Ali Ghaderi – The Three Faces of a Wizard: A note on the creation of Gandalf
  • Stephen Gores – Tolkien, Susanna Clarke, the All Father and their Ravens
  • Kathrin Heierli – A Lost Poem from Middle-earth
  • Mackenzie Hilton – From Δίκη to Tom Bombadil: Tolkien’s portrayal of justice in The Lord of the Rings
  • Jay Johnstone – Capturing Tolkien in Illustration – so what’s all the fuss about…
  • Kristine Larsen – Moons, Maths, and Middle-earth: Misconceptions about Tolkien’s scientific and mathematical prowess
  • Samuel Masters – Dreaming of Bag End: The Hobbit and medieval dream-poetry
  • Doreen Mathis – A Discussion on Generational Trauma within the Tolkien Legendarium and beyond: A study of the House of Finwë and House of Plantagenet – Part 1
  • Maria Matsakis – “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother”: Masculinity within Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
  • Ana María Méndez García – House-Museum Tolkien
  • Jose Maria Miranda Boto – “As long as you want to be”: Some remarks about the Shire’s electoral system.
  • James Moffett – Ruined Castles and Vampiric Villains: The liminal Gothic in Tolkien’s tale of Beren and Lúthien
  • Mercury Natis – Partners in Making and Delight: Tolkien and Camp, an exploration of sensibility
  • Christina Nguyen – Towards Tolkien research with computational literary analysis
  • Minna Nizam – Tolkien’s Influence in the World of Animation
  • Ross Nunamaker – Neithan, the Wronged: An approach to better understanding Turin
  • Marilyn R. Pukkila – From Goth Persephone to Lady of Sorrows: The evolving nature of Nienna
  • Rory Queripel – Columbus in Middle-earth: the origin story of Westmansweed
  • Sultana Raza – Excavating Middle-earth’s Second Age Architecture through Alan Lee’s Illustrations
  • Robin Reid – J. R. R. Tolkien, Culture Warrior: The Alt-Right Religious Crusade’s appropriation of “Tolkien”
  • Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz – Archery in Middle-earth: a comparative study
  • Will Sherwood – “I want to see mountains again, Gandalf – mountains”: Romantic mountaineering in Middle-earth
  • Murray Smith – The Worming-Dives and Molotov-Ribbentrop Pacts
  • Christian S. Trenk – “All’s well that begins better”: Comparing narrative openings of The Lord of the Rings and its adaptations
  • Chris Trwoga – Adventures in Tolkien’s Library – exploring the literary works of William Morris
  • Elizabeth Turello – Unmovable Mountains: The symbolic war between good and evil
  • Michael Urick – Fellowships and Motivation: How interpersonal dynamics relate to quest success in Middle-earth
  • Ross Nunamaker and Michael Urick – Decision-making and Negative Influences: Analyzing Théoden, Denethor, Thorin, and Turin through Social Sciences theories
  • Jessica Yates – Tolkien’s Lost Lecture on Hamlet, Reconstructed
  • Maria Zielenbach – Colors, as seen by Tolkien


Oxonmoot 2022 will start on the afternoon (UK time) of Thursday 1st September and conclude shortly after lunch (also UK time) on Sunday 4th September. The first Online activities are likely to be in the evening UK time on Thursday 1st September.

Full details of the developing programme will be available soon, so watch this space!


If you have access requirements, please contact the Bookings Officer before booking.

Book now as an Online Delegate*

Book now as an Oxford Delegate – attendance only*

NOTE: Booking is now closed, but see above for details of post-event Video Only Membership

Two types of membership are available:

  • Online Membership
    • A minimum of 3 days online attendance per connection/device, depending on your location
    • 2.5 days of papers and talks
    • 3 evenings (UK time) of special events and entertainments
    • Various discussions, workshops, crafts, art show, dealers, games and more throughout the event
    • Access to recorded video material after the event
  • In Person Membership
    • All the benefits of Online Membership, plus:
    • 4 days in person attendance in Oxford
    • Lunch in college on Saturday
    • Coach ticket to Enyalië on Sunday
    • Additional in person activities not possible online

Membership rates are as follows:

Membership Type Tolkien Society Members Non-Members
Online £40 £50
In Person £90 £100
In Person (child 7-15) £45 £50


Online registration is non-refundable. In person registration is non-refundable, unless we have to cancel the event due to COVID-19 restrictions.

*New for 2022 – Delegates will only be able to register for one connection or in person delegate per booking, unless the second person is a child. All adults will need to book separately.


Financial Support

We are conscious that some of our delegates will be suffering from financial difficulties as a result of the Covid pandemic, while others live in countries with lower average income than others. With this in mind, we are pleased to say that we will be offering a limited number of reduced cost online memberships of Oxonmoot. If you would like to apply for one of these, please email the Co-Chairs of Oxonmoot at before you book.

Postgraduate Students intending to submit a paper for presentation at Oxonmoot are eligible to apply for a Tolkien Society Bursary to cover the cost of their registration fee and, for in person delegates, up to £500 towards travel and accommodation costs. The call for applications for Bursaries date will be announced soon.


Covid Health & Safety

In person delegates should be aware that their safety, and that of the college staff and others involved in delivering Oxonmoot, is our first priority.

With this in mind, we will constantly monitor government advice on the safe delivery of events, and implement any recommendations relevant to our activities, alongside any precautions implemented by St Anne’s.

Our delegates will be expected to comply with any such requirements, which may include the use of face masks, hand sanitising and/or regular lateral flow testing for Covid. Should any attendee test positive for Covid-19 or develop Covid-19 symptoms during the event, they will be required to self-isolate until arrangements can be made for them to get home.

In the event that we conclude that it is impossible to run an in person event, we will refund registration fees and any meal or accommodation costs, and ask delegates to re-book as online delegates if they wish to attend on that basis.


Overseas Delegates

Delegates based outside England who are planning to travel to Oxonmoot must comply with any Coronavirus restrictions in place in England at the time they travel, including any requirement to self-isolate before arriving at Oxonmoot.

The current regulations for travel to England can be found here. Note that the regulations will be updated regularly between now and Oxonmoot.

Delegates are responsible for ensuring they are aware of the regulations which apply to them. The Society and Oxonmoot cannot be held liable for any issues arising from delegate’s failure to follow the regulations.

If changes to the regulations mean that you find you cannot travel to Oxonmoot please notify the Bookings Officer as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to cancel accommodation and meal bookings without charge, though this may not be possible for changes after a certain date. Overseas delegates are recommended to ensure that they have travel insurance which includes cover for Covid related disruption.


Meals & Accommodation at St Anne’s

As above, for in person delegates we will be providing lunch in college on Saturday as part of the registration fee.

In addition, Thursday and Friday evening meals will be available in college at extra cost. These can be booked via the in person booking form. For more details, see here.

Please ensure you include information about any dietary requirements on your booking form even if you don’t book any additional meals.

St Anne’s College will be providing student type accommodation for the event. To book, please use the in person booking form. For more details on accommodation, see here.

The deadline for booking meals and accommodation is 08:00 UK time on Saturday 13th August.

If you have access requirements, please contact the Bookings Officer before booking.

Art & Dealers

After last year’s success running a hybrid art show we shall again be running a virtual art show alongside the traditional on site show for Oxonmoot 2022. The online Art Show will, as last year, be hosted in the Kunstmatrix exhibition platform, providing a 3D exhibition experience. A link will be provided for registered delegates.

*Please note that submissions for the art show have closed. Information for Dealers can be found here.

Who to contact

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the following:

  • Bookings and registration questions:
  • Programme items:
    • Talks and Papers:
    • Activities excluding Talks & Papers
    • Social programme
    • Entertainments
    • Masquerade
  • Art show:
  • Dealers room:
  • Advice for first time in person attendees:
  • Advice for first time online attendees:
  • Any other questions or general enquiries:

Oxonmoot 2022 is being brought to you by the Oxonmoot 2022 Team

Delegates Page

The special page for delegates, which will be updated regularly with information about Oxonmoot, can be found here. The password was included in the May email to delegates registered at the time, and in the email sent on registration to those who joined after that. If you have lost the password and are a registered delegate, please email


St Anne’s College, 56 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HS, United Kingdom

It takes about 10 minutes to walk to St Anne’s from the centre of Oxford (nominally Carfax Tower), and roughly 20 minutes from the railway station.

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