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Oxonmoot Online Post-Event Video Membership

Sad you missed Oxonmoot? Good News! Oxonmoot Online may be in the past, but it’s still possible to join us and enjoy much of the event.

Join Oxonmoot Online as a Video Member

Video Membership of Oxonmoot Online costs just £10 for Tolkien Society members, or £20 for non-members – or why not join the Tolkien Society first and make use of the discount?

For that you get access to 30+ hours of video until 31 December 2020, plus copies of all the delegate documentation including Abstracts, Programme Participant Biographies and the Poetry Anthology.

The videos cover:

  • All 6 Keynotes
  • The Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  • The Quiz
  • The Entertainments & Masquerade
  • Enyalië (Remembrance)
  • All 33 Talks & Papers
  • The Poetry Reading
  • Cooking with Beorn’s (secret) wife
  • The Introduction to the TS Archives

For further information, visit

Click here to join us as a Video Member of Oxonmoot Online

About the Author: Mike Percival
Mike joined the Tolkien Society in 1983. He has previously held the posts of Amon Hen Editor and Treasurer, and has been involved in Oxonmoot since 1985. He is currently co-chair (with Elena Davison) of Oxonmoot, and a member of the Bursary Sub-Committee.