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Weekly Puzzle Launched

As part of our increased online presence, The Tolkien Society is launching a new weekly online puzzle from Monday 13th April.

The puzzle works like this:

  • Each day from Monday to Thursday at 20:00 (8:00 pm) UK-time, we will post a question or clue, which have some form of connection between them.
  • On the Thursday we will also post a form for you to submit your answers to the 4 questions, and the connection between the four clues.
  • The winner (who receives the acclaim of The Tolkien Society) is the first to submit a fully correct solution.
  • In the event that no-one submits a fully correct solution, then the most-correct will be the winner – so submit your answers even if you’re missing or guessing part of it.

Weekly Puzzle site (which will provide continuing links to all the puzzles)

The Weekly Puzzle is only available to members of The Tolkien Society.

Are you a member?

You need to be a member of the Society to take part. Not a member yet? Why not join now. As well as being able to access the puzzle, you get copies of our publications, reduced cost attendance at events, and other member benefits.

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About the Author: Mike Percival
Mike joined the Tolkien Society in 1983. He has previously held the posts of Amon Hen Editor and Treasurer, and has been involved in Oxonmoot since 1985. He is currently co-chair (with Elena Davison) of Oxonmoot, and a member of the Bursary Sub-Committee.