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Proceedings of Centenary Conference now online

Mythlore has announced that the contents of Mallorn 30/Mythlore 80, the elusive, out-of-print Tolkien Centenary Conference are now available to everyone online.

Members of the Tolkien Society already had digital access to the Proceedings of the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference 1992, but it is now available publicly.

The publication contains contributions by Verlyn Flieger, Wayne Hammond, Charles Noad, George Sayer, Christina Scull, Tom Shippey, Rayner Unwin, Jessica Yates and many others.

You may download the various articles here: h

If the above link doesn’t take you straight there, highlight the whole text starting “https” and copy and paste that into your browser.

About the Author: Michael Flowers
I am a self-employed wildlife guide. I take people to beautiful places to learn about their local nature. I've been reading Tolkien from the age of 9, and have recently become interested in Tolkien's time in East Yorkshire during WW1. I completed a Masters degree from the University of Sheffield in the Victorian Ghost Stories of Ellen [Mrs Henry] Wood.