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The Complete History of Middle-earth published

HarperCollins has today published The Complete History of Middle-earth, a boxed set featuring all 12 parts of the History of Middle-earth series.

The History of Middle-earth was first published between 1983 and 1996. Compiled and edited by Christopher Tolkien, the series traces the development of Tolkien’s legendarium – namely the ‘Silmarillion’ and The Lord of the Rings – from its earliest conception 100 years ago in The Book of Lost Tales through to essays written shortly before Tolkien’s death in 1973.

The new special collector’s edition brings together all 12 books into a three-volume collection.

The Complete History of Middle-earth has a list price of £180

From the publisher

The complete 12-book History of Middle-earth, printed in three volumes and set in a matching box.

J.R.R. Tolkien is famous the world over for his unique literary creation, exemplified in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. What is less well known, however, is that he also produced a vast amount of further material that greatly expands upon the mythology and numerous stories of Middle-earth, and which gives added life to the thousand-year war between the Elves and the evil spirit Morgoth, and his terrifying lieutenant, Sauron.

It was to this enormous task of literary construction that his Tolkien’s youngest son and literary heir, Christopher, applied himself to produce the monumental and endlessly fascinating series of twelve books, The History of Middle-earth.

This very special collector’s edition brings together all twelve books into three hardback volumes over 5,000 pages of fascinating Tolkien material and places them in one matching box.

About the Author: Daniel Helen

Daniel is an Officer without Portfolio and Trustee of The Tolkien Society. Elected in 2014, he is mainly responsible for the Society’s digital operations, including this website.

  • Ruca77

    Epic! I wantz it preciousss!

  • The edition that was published on the 21st September 2017 was the Deluxe Edition of this box-set, it has a list price of £225 and you can see more info here from HarperCollins,

    The link in the article is to the £180 edition, which is the Collector’s edition and has been available for a long time, at a list price of £180, but this is not the edition that was published on the 21st September 2017.

    Shop around for the best prices for these, usually only sell at list price, unless they are having a sale.

    You can normally get the books much cheaper from other resellers on the Internet.

  • Rock Woofstone

    I’m having a nightmare trying to find this new edition anywhere. I did own it BRIEFLY having purchased it from Amazon ( ) – it was delivered soon after the expected release date, and was exactly as described, BUT the slip-case was badly damaged. I returned it for replacement, not realizing then that it was already out of stock, so they are unable to ship a replacement for the foreseeable future. No-one else seems to have a copy, and even Harper Collins don’t have it in stock (they’re currently trying to find out if there will be a reprint for me). Really disappointing, as without this, there will be a big gap in my collection of all these matching boxes.

    • Rock Woofstone

      Harper Collins have confirmed to me that another print run is now underway anyway, so more should be available soon.

  • djs

    Ordered it from, being prepared for despatch, receiving it end of week. Ordered it several weeks ago, was out of stock, so kept order active and am now due to receive it

    • Rock Woofstone

      Ah – hopefully that means my replacement won’t be far away.

      • Rock Woofstone

        Alas, no. Amazon have confirmed they messed up completely, and cancelled my replacement (whilst keeping my money!) Gave me a refund, but means I have no book. Ordering direct from HC now instead.