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Jenny Dolfen announces new Tolkien art book

Jenny Dolfen, renowned Tolkien artist and winner of the 2014 Tolkien Society Award for Best Artwork, has announced that her new book Songs of Sorrow and Hope will be released in the new year.

Aside from winning the 2014 Award for Best Artwork for her piece “Eärendil the Mariner“, Dolfen has exhibited at our 2012 conference Return of the Ring, released the book Darkness over Cannae, and sells her Tolkien artwork via Etsy. She is well-known amongst members of the Society’s Facebook group, as well as readers of Tolkien Gateway. She has a particular penchant for characters from The Silmarillion, especially Maedhros!

Her latest book, Songs of Sorrow and Hope, is 124 pages long and contains over 50 illustrations from Celtic mythology, her own “Rhyddion Chronicles”, and, of course, Tolkien (including “The Oath has been awakened”, featured above).

According to Dolfen – who provides commentaries and insights throughout – nearly 60% of the book is Tolkien, all in her distinctively beautiful watercolour style. Speaking about her artwork, Dolfen said:

I was very happy when Oloris offered me the realisation of a long-time dream – to publish an artbook featuring my work, mainly Tolkien, but also bringing on my other exploits – ancient history, mythology, and my own “Rhyddion Chronicles”. My artwork is what drives me more than anything else – bringing to life the tales that I love, and seeing them take shape on paper (when, in my head, they can be quite fuzzy before I draw them). I can now share these visions in this beautiful volume.

The book is available for pre-order from Oloris Publishing for $23USD, and you can pre-order with postcards and an art print. The book (ISBN 978-1-940992-34-1) is 124 pages long and will be released in the new year. Click here to pre-order your copy now.

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