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New Society publication: Journeys & Destinations

The Tolkien Society is pleased to announce the publication of Journeys & Destinations, the 16th booklet in the Peter Roe series. The book is available from just £5 from the Society’s website.

Journeys & Destinations is the collected papers from the 22nd Tolkien Society Seminar held at the Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, in June 2009. The Society’s seminars are an invaluable source of interesting, intelligent and sometimes unusual Tolkien scholarship, with the papers being followed by fruitful discussions.

The 54-page booklet is edited by Ian Collier, with a cover photo provided by Julie Sinclair, and brings together the papers given for others to enjoy the papers given by the likes of our Archivist Dr Pat Reynolds, Sue Bridgwater, Anne Marie Gazzolo, Dr Antonio Sanna, and Mick Ennis and the children of the Ironville and Codner Myth and Magic group.

The concept of ‘journey’ is taken in different ways by each paper and should provide readers with some interesting insights:

  • “‘I have something to do before the end’: The Journey of Samwise the Stouthearted” by Anne Marie Gazzolo
  • “Rings and other Things – Possession and the Possessed” by Dr Patricia Reynolds
  • “Dragons, Dreams, Myth & Magic” by Mick Ennis and Ironville School group
  • “Stay or go; some reflections upon stasis and travelling in Tolkien’s mythos” by Sue Bridgwater
  • “Travelling over/into the Feminine Body and Mind: An Analysis of the Metaphorical Journey of the Fellowship in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings” by Dr Antonio Sanna

Click here to order your copy of Journeys & Destinations now. The booklet, including postages, costs £5 in the UK and £8.70 for most international destinations.

To purchase the Kindle e-book, visit Amazon UK. It is also available on Amazon USA, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, CA, MX, AU, and IN.

About the Peter Roe Memorial Fund

The Tolkien Society’s seminar proceedings – and other booklets such as the Sindarin Lexicon – are published under the auspices of the Peter Roe Memorial Fund, the Fund commemorates Peter Roe who died in 1979 aged 16 after being hit by a speeding lorry outside his home. He was on his way to buy envelopes to enclose his enthusiastic letter to the Society. Peter was clearly an incredibly talented young man, producing stories, artwork and maps; Peter’s Dwarfish Fragments were published in Mallorn 15 in September 1980. Proceeds from the sale of Peter Roe books go back into the Fund to ensure that it is self-perpetuating. The Society will continue to produce Peter Roe Books to honour his memory.

If you wish to donate to the Peter Roe Memorial Fund, please do so via the Donate page on our website. Any donations would be gratefully received.

About the Author: The Tolkien Society
The Tolkien Society is an educational charity and worldwide membership organisation devoted to promoting research into, and educating the public in, the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The Society organises regular events (such as Oxonmoot and Tolkien Reading Day), publishes regular books and journal (such as Amon Hen and Mallorn), and is working towards a permanent home to Tolkien in the UK.