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Tolkien at Kalamazoo 2014 schedule announced

The schedule for the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies has been released and this year will again feature a series of special sessions on Tolkien.

Session 38 – Tolkien and His Medieval Sources

  • “Tolkien Grammaticus: The Influence of the Gesta Danorum on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings” – Leigh Smith
  • “Approaching ‘Se Uncuthaholm’: Tolkien’s Early Study of Anglo-Saxon Poetry and Prose as a Source for the Invention of Ottor Waefre” – Andrew Higgins
  • “Create Corrections: Tolkien’s Response to Beorhtnoth’s Ofermod” – Colin Pajda
  • “Tolkien’s Man in the Moon and Medieval Complaint Literature” – Brad Eden
  • “Hrolfr Kraki in Tolkien’s Middle-earth” – Brent Landon Johnson

Session 83 – Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur

  • “That seems fatal to me”: Pagan and Christian in The Fall of Arthur” – John D. Rateliff
  • “Mapping the Grammatical Margins of Middle-earth: How the Geography of The Fall of Arthur fits in Tolkien’s Legendarium” – Robin Anne Reid
  • “‘Double-Hearted’: Psychomachia in The Fall of Arthur” – John R. Holmes
  • “Tides of Time in The Fall of Arthur” – Robert Tredray
  • “Where Is Avalon? Tolkien’s Otherworld in the West and The Fall of Arthur” – Dimitra Fimi

Tolkien’s Natural World and Science

  • “The (Nearly) Discarded Image: Tolkien’s Later Tinkerings with His Medieval Cosmology” – Kristine Larsen
  • “You Must Remember This: Time Dilation in Middle-earth” – Michael Wodzak
  • “Litany of the Ents: Treebeard’s Priesthood and the Sacred Nature of Tolkien’s Natural World” – Victoria Holtz Wodzak

The full schedule.

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