Translating and Illustrating Tolkien

Translating and Illustrating Tolkien


Edited by Will Sherwood.


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This volume of proceedings contains papers from the Tolkien Society Autumn Seminar 2021. J.R.R. Tolkien’s works have gained global appeal, leading to translations in over thirty languages and a host of stylistically unique illustrations. As a translator and illustrator himself, Tolkien was acutely aware of the challenges and benefits that both bring to a written text. Translating and Illustrating Tolkien explores what these processes add to, emit from, or compliment Tolkien’s original text.

Hosted online, the Tolkien Society 2021 autumn seminar concluded the year’s trilogy of seminars, collectively welcoming over 1600 people from across the globe. Published under the auspices of the Society’s Peter Roe Memorial Fund, this proceedings features a collection of six papers delivered at the Tolkien Society Autumn Seminar 2021.

Translating and Illustrating Tolkien continues Tolkien and Diversity’s new direction for the Seminar proceedings. Authors were invited to publish their paper in English and their first language, celebrating the multilingualism of the Tolkien community.


Will Sherwood

The Problem of Éowyn’s ‘no living man am I’ in three Chinese translations
Eric Reinders

“Las” Silmarils or “Los” Silmarils? Aapproaches to a new Spanish translation of The Silmarillion
Helena Real

Las Silmarils o Los Silmarils? Aproximaciones a una nueva traducción al español de El Silmarillion
Helena Real

Characterisation and depiction of nature in the Spanish translation of Roverandom
Martha Celis Menzoda & Aline Esperanza Maza Vázques

Caracterización Y representación de la naturaleza en la traducción al Español de Roverandom
Martha Celis Menzoda y Aline Esperanza Maza Vázques (Trad. Jorge De la Vega)

From the Black Gate to the Kṛṣṇā Dvāra: on the curious resonances of Swami Mudrikancha
Sonali Arvind Chunodkar

A bridge invisible: motif borrowing and dislocation in Soviet bloc illustrations for The Lord of the Rings
Joel Merriner

From rabbits to Hobbits: illustrating and translating J.R.R. and Christopher Tolkien in France
Marie Bretagnolle

Des lapins aux Hobbits : illustrer et traduire J.R.R. et Christopher Tolkien en France
Marie Bretagnolle

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Publication Date: 10th October 2023
Publisher: Luna Press Publishing
Language: English

Product Dimensions: 178 x 127 mm
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