The Quiz

The opening night Pub Quiz hosted by Maggie & Mike Percival has become a staple ice-breaker since being introduced in 2012.
 The Quiz takes place after dinner on the first evening of Oxonmoot, and is open to everyone – if you are with us for the first time we will help you find a team to join.

Some questions are fiendish, but the emphasis is on fun. Some answers are fiendishly funny.

Here are a few sample questions from recent editions to give you a flavour…

1) If “3 R for the EK” is Three Rings for the Elven Kings, what are…

a) 15 B in 5 FT
b) 7 S of F
c) 83 O K by L and G at HD
d) 102 L from H to M

2) Can you unravel the three faces which have been “melded” together in the attached picture?

3) 17 people are named as bearing rings of power. How many of their mothers-in-law can you name?

4) Which chapter of The Hobbit does the extract revealed by the One Ring in the attached picture come from?

5) According to Bifur, what comes after autumn?