Tolkien Birthday Toast 2018
3 January 2018
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To celebrate Tolkien’s twelfty-sixth (126th) birthday on 3 January 2018, The Tolkien Society invites all Tolkien fans to raise a toast to the Professor.

Let everyone know what you’ll be drinking and where in the comments below, and share your pictures on social media using #TolkienBirthdayToast.

The Toast

After Bilbo left the Shire on his eleventy-first birthday in The Lord of the Rings, Frodo toasted his uncle’s birthday each year on 22 September.

J.R.R. Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein on 3 January 1892, and we invite you to celebrate the birthday of this much loved author by raising a glass at 9pm your local time.

The toast is simply:

The Professor!

All you need to do is stand, raise a glass of your choice of drink (not necessarily alcoholic), and say the words “The Professor” before taking a sip (or swig, if that’s more appropriate for your drink). Sit and enjoy the rest of your drink.

Note that we do not condone drinking alcohol if it endangers the health or safety of the drinker or others, or contravenes the law.

  • Mara Niënor

    La Ciénaga de los Muertos Smial, as so Númenor Smial and Hammo Smial will be having our toast in Madrid, in Beer Station alehouse (Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 22; ). We would like to invite whoever could be in Madrid in January the 3rd, at 8.30 pm, to join us. Let raise together our jars. The Professor!

  • David Doughan

    Depending on venue, Yakut (or other Turkish wine) or Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

  • Elendilova Olga

    I’m not going to be too pathetic -Lidskae Velvet Beer (Dark) 🙂

  • Amos Ben Israel

    I’ll be drinking with friends from the Israeli Tolkien Society at Mike’s Place, Jerusalem.
    Probably beer

    • Amos Ben Israel

      In the end it was whiskey, not a beer.

  • I’ll drink a glass of Port.

  • Dan B

    Might be a beer, but will definitely be in Hanoi, Vietnam. On an adventure with my family.

  • Dany Aubry

    I’ll be in St-Pierre-les-Becquets, Québec, Canada

  • Bruna Vieira

    I will be celebrating from Brazil!

  • Betsy Chapman

    I’ll celebrate with Glenfiddich in Boyertown, PA USA. To The Professor!

  • Amy Crocker

    I will be toasting The Professor on Cape Cod!

  • alejoreba

    As every year, in Buenos Aires I will toast with beer for “El Profesor”!

  • Bogdan Okreša Đurić

    One youth association and a literary association, in cooperation with the youth section of the local library, are organising a Tolkien evening focused on literary and otherwise production of the Professor, featuring a short multimedia lecture, ending with a toast. All of this on 3 Jan in the town of Varaždin, in Croatia 🙂

  • Harm Schelhaas

    I will probably be drinking a good craft ale, together with other members of Tolkien Society Unquendor in the Netherlands, at our 3 January Dinner at Utrecht. []

    There will also be a 3 January Dinner at Belfeld, in the Limburg province of the Netherlands, held by ‘Lay of Leithian’, ‘herberg’ (inn) of Unquendor and smial of The Tolkien Society, jointly with the Stammtisch Linker Niederrhein of the German Tolkien Society. [Info at mail DOT van DOT mars AT planet DOT nl]

  • Rita Vera

    Probably beer with the members of the peruvian tolkien society, 🙂 to the professor thanks for all the magic and the hope.
    Cristania Andoandorello

  • mathmojo

    16-year-old Lagavulin, in central New York State, hopefully with lots of snow on the ground. Wishing I’d smoked a pipe, Maybe I will, only one day a year.

  • Erica M.

    We’ll be toasting here in West Liberty, IA with what’s left of our Glen Moray 12. (Provided there’s any left after New Year’s!)

  • Fiona Richardson

    Port for the Professor in Oxford!

  • Mithvil Raygart

    Saludos amigos. In the Sociedad Tolkiendili de México we will be toasting in honor of the Professor in the Zambu Zone cafeteria at the Rosario Castellanos library (calle de Tamaulipas 202 esquina con Benjamín Hill, colonia Hipódromo de La Condesa). We will be toasting with all kinds of drinks!!

    We would like to invite whoever could be in CDMX at 19:30 hours, to join us in the toast!!

  • Julian Bradfield

    “twelfthty”???? “twelfty”, surely.

  • Angel

    I shall be toasting the Professor with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey!

    • Ruca77

      a fine drink! n1 ;D One of my favourite. /toast

      • Queen Uggi

        Cheers! 🙂

  • Ruca77

    Thank for you everything Master Tolkien! /bow The world wouldn’t be the same without you!

    Last years was at 21:00 local time, but nothing mentioned in the post above… 11h30m left for me ;D

  • MaximON

    On Lord of the Rings Online in the Bird and Baby Inn with a pint of Bullroarer’s Brew!! at 8 PM GMT.

  • Andrew Yarbrough

    I’ll be toasting Tolkien (the best author – ever) with eggnog tonight!!

    • Andrew Yarbrough

      Check out my blog all about Tolkien at!!

  • Eleder

    We have toasted with Sardegna Mirto, in Madrid.

  • James Madsen

    I toasted the Professor in Bel Air, Maryland, USA with Welch’s light Concord grape juice beverage.

  • Nimloth

    In honor of the great Professor Tolkien, I raise my glass of Oban and my newest pipe. Prost!

  • Raldan

    Debbie and I toasted the Professor with some Red Wine. Jan 3, 2018.

  • Johnny Rep

    So many caveats about alcohol…

  • Peter Norman Heimsoth

    I just finished listening to the BBC Radio series of “The Lord of the Rings” for the umpteen gazillionth time today, and though I’m not sure what the Professor himself would have thought of it, I nonetheless thank him for making it possible.