Information for Programme Participants
31 August – 3 September 2023
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Online, and St Anne's College, Oxford

Note that everyone contributing to the programme for Oxonmoot 2023 must be a registered delegate – whether online or in person.

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Programme Contributions

We are pleased to welcome contributions of all types to the programme for Oxonmoot 2023.

The Talks and Papers strand will run through the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. Papers may be presented in person in Oxford or online via Zoom; we will also accept pre-recorded video presentations, though we request that the presenter be available live for questions at the end of their presentation. Papers should be 20 minutes in length (with a further 10 minutes allowed for questions); longer talks (e.g. art- or artefact- based) may be accepted, and should be discussed by email with the Day Time Programme Coordinator.

The Call for Papers is now open and will close at midnight UK time on 30 April 2023.

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The Talks and Papers will be balanced by a wide range of other Activities – these could include, but are not limited to, workshops, demonstrations, discussions, games, physical activities, films & videos and social activities – but any and all offers are most welcome. Activities may take place in Oxford, online, or combine both online and in person participation, and may be scheduled alongside the Talks & Papers, or in the Evening (local time) time depending on the nature of the Activity.

The Call for Activities will open later in the year.

Participants with questions may contact the Activities Programme Co-Ordinator, or for social activities the Social Programme Co-Ordinator.

Entertainments, Masquerade & Poetry

The main event of the Saturday evening (UK time) will be the Entertainments & Masquerade, offering a showcase for our members to show off their talents, whether it be singing, acting, dancing or making costumes.

Offers of Entertainments of all types are welcome. Entertainments may take the form of songs, sketches, monologues, dances, or anything else which may be found, well, entertaining. Entertainments should not normally be longer than 5 minutes. If your contribution is longer than this, please contact the Entertainments Coordinator, who will also be very happy to discuss any ideas you might have. Entertainments can be presented in-person in Oxford, or online via Zoom. We will also be happy to receive pre-recorded videos of Entertainments, especially where practicality of presentation makes live performance impossible (e.g. online ensemble singing).

The Call for Entertainments will open later in the year

The Costume Masquerade will open later in the year. Participants with questions may contact the Masquerade Director who will also be happy to help with any other enquiries.

Is my item an Entertainment or a Masquerade contribution? Essentially, the answer to this question is whether the emphasis is on the costume (in which case it is a Masquerade contribution), or on the performance (in which case it is an Entertainment) – but if you do have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Later on the Saturday, we will be presenting our Poetry Reading event, for which we invite delegates to read their own poems, their favourite of Tolkien’s poems, or a favourite poem by one of Tolkien’s associates. Reading time should not normally be longer than 5 minutes. If your contribution is longer than this, please contact the Poetry Co-ordinator, who will also be happy to answer any other questions you have about the event. Readings may be presented live in Oxford or online via Zoom, and we are also happy to receive pre-recorded video contributions, especially where the timing makes live presentation difficult for you.

The call for Poetry Readings will open later in the year.

As in 2020 – 2022, we will be producing an Anthology of the poetry which is read, which will be shared with the delegates of Oxonmoot 2023.

General Information for Programme Participants

Video Capture

It is our intention to capture all of the Talks & Papers and major Events (including the Entertainments & Masquerade), and as many as possible of the other Activities, on video, and to make this video available to Oxonmoot delegates.

Any video material we capture will be stored in the Tolkien Society Archive, and may subsequently be published by the Society and/or used by the Society in publicity material, including for future Oxonmoots.

Contributors should note that the Society cannot prevent delegates of Oxonmoot from capturing video or still images from the event and using these for their personal use, including sharing these on the web.

Biographies & Photos

All presenters and activity leads should submit a brief biography to be published alongside the event programme. If you are submitting more than one item, please just include one biography and refer to where that has been submitted in your additional submissions. Note that Entertainers, Masquerade entrants and Poetry readers are not expected to submit a biography.

Your biography should be illustrated by a photograph, which you will upload as part of your submission form. Ideally we would like this to be a head-and-shoulders photograph of yourself, but if for any reason you do not wish to use such a photograph, please provide an alternative image illustrative of yourself or your talk.

Closing Dates for Submissions

Closing dates for each kind of submission are given in the text above. Acceptance of submissions received after the relevant date is solely at the discretion of the relevant organiser, and cannot be guaranteed. If you have an item to submit after the closing date, please contact the organiser via the links provided above.


The smooth running of Oxonmoot is heavily dependent on all the different activities running to time. Normal time limits for each type of contribution are indicated in the text above; if you need extensions to these, then please contact the relevant event organiser.

The organisers reserve the right to cut the tech (sound, lighting and/or Zoom connection) for any event which is over-running the time limit (including any agreed extensions)

Family Friendly

Oxonmoot is a family friendly event. All programme items should be no more than “PG” rated (or equivalent), and indecency, bad language or gratuitous violence is not permitted.

The organisers reserve the right to cut the tech (sound, lighting and/or Zoom connection) to any live event which breaches this expectation.

Video Submissions

If you intend to make a video submission for any events or activities, please indicate on the relevant form and we will contact you to discuss the mechanism for getting that to us.

Video submissions of any kind should be should be provided in landscape format. We ask that you include subtitles with any submitted video to support our accessibility policy.

If you are submitting material for us to edit into video for the Costume Masquerade, note that the final video will be presented in landscape format. With this in mind, it will be best if photographs or videos you submit are themselves in landscape format. Please ensure you include a range of photos, including close-ups showing details of the costume where applicable.