Oxonmoot 2015
10 – 13 September 2015
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St Antony's College, Oxford

Oxonmoot 2015 will be 4 days long again, based on the feedback we got from attendees in 2014.

About Oxonmoot 2015

Oxonmoot is an annual conference hosted by the Tolkien Society and brings together Tolkien scholars and students of all genres. Held in Oxford, the venue has changed over the years and this year we are going back to St Antony’s College. In 2015, Oxonmoot will last an “extra” day again, from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th September.

The two full days of the conference will include a range of papers and seminars exploring the works of Tolkien, contributing to the already substantial body of academic work exploring the works of ‘The Author of the Century’ and his contribution to literature and philology. The films are not neglected at Oxonmoot – discussion of the impact of the genre on the field of study was debated by delegates in 2014 and we are currently planning another lively debate.

Any event that brings together members of a Society devoted to a man who famously enjoyed conviviality and makes Fellowship such a feature of his work is not going to be without relaxation and socialising. The Dinner is an opportunity to dress up and enjoy good food and wine, but less formal gatherings, including a Masquerade and a Party with a possible Ceilidh are timetabled. There is always a quiet area set aside for delegates to get together over a snack and chat about their favourite hobbit/dwarf/film scene.

The Art Show is an opportunity for professional and amateur artists to display their work dedicated to the world of Tolkien. Some of the art is for sale by silent auction and many artists are present to discuss their inspiration. A number of dealers selling a variety of books and ephemera are always happy to chat about their wares, and help the collector search out rarer items. Early afternoon on Sunday is devoted to a short remembrance of Tolkien at his grave in Wolvercote cemetery with a short reading and wreath laying.

The setting of Oxonmoot in St Antony’s College allows delegates an opportunity to spend time in one of the loveliest settings for study in the world. St Antony’s College is set in a pleasant leafy residential area of North Oxford, just a 10-minute walk from the heart of the City. The campus has a mixture of architectural styles ranging from the nineteenth century, through the 1960s, up to the present day. It sits within attractive gardens, and its quiet position and first-class facilities make it a very attractive location for conferences.

If you have any questions, please contact the Oxonmoot Chairman, Elena Krysova.

Progress Report

All attendees are sent a progress report in the post and a digital copy is also available.

Progress Report 0, online only.

Progress Report 1, also posted to all attendees.


Registration starts at £50 and is used to pay for the hire of rooms and to meet the other expenses of running Oxonmoot. The Subcomm gives its time for nothing but all expenses are met (although not always claimed). The Chair can provide a breakdown of the costs is you wish to see them. Saturday lunch is included in your registration in order to bring all Oxonmooters together in one place.


Food bookings have now closed, but the soup and sandwiches for Saturday lunch are included in the registration fee.

The Welcome buffet is a selection of mains and desserts (including a vegan choice). First Timers receive a 10% discount on this meal.

The Dinner will be held in the Dining Hall on Friday evening. The menus for all the meals will be made available on this page in due course. Vegetarian/Vegan/Coeliac alternatives can be arranged on request.

Only the Saturday Soup and Sandwiches lunch is included in Registration so remember to book the other meals as desired. Saturday night is not catered, but takeaways deliver to college, or there are plenty of eateries in Oxford.

We have arranged with the College to provide lunch in the Dining Hall cafeteria-style on Friday and are negotiating the same for Sunday. Credit/debit cards only.


Accommodation bookings have now closed.


Bookings have now closed.