Oxonmoot 2014
11 – 14 September 2014
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Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Oxonmoot 2014 will be a day longer than normal to celebrate its fortieth year.

About Oxonmoot 2014

Oxonmoot is an annual conference hosted by the Tolkien Society and brings together Tolkien scholars and students of all genres. Held in Oxford, the venue has changed over the years but is currently held in Lady Margaret Hall, alma mater of Priscilla Tolkien and Tolkien Society founder Vera Chapman. In 2014, Oxonmoot will last an extra day, from 11th-14th September, to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of an event that has grown from a few friends meeting in an Oxford pub to become a respected academic event.

The two full days of the conference will include a range of papers and seminars exploring the works of Tolkien, contributing to the already substantial body of academic work exploring the works of ‘The Author of the Century’ and his contribution to literature and philology. The films are not neglected, and discussion of the impact of the genre on the field of study will be debated by delegates during the event.

Any event that brings together members of a Society devoted to a man who famously enjoyed conviviality and makes Fellowship such a feature of his work is not going to be without relaxation and socialisation. The Banquet is an opportunity to dress up and enjoy good food and wine, but less formal gatherings, including a picnic and Ceilidh are timetabled. There is always a quiet area set aside for delegates to get together over a snack and chat about their favourite hobbit/dwarf/film scene.

The Art Show is an opportunity for professional and amateur artists to display their work dedicated to the world of Tolkien. Some of the art is for sale by silent auction and many artists are present to discuss their inspiration. A number of dealers selling a variety of books and ephemera are always happy to chat about their wares, and help the collector search out rarer items. The Party gives delegates an opportunity to dress up and entertain each other with short performances, or take part in the Masquerade. Sunday morning is devoted to a short remembrance of Tolkien at his grave in Wolvercote cemetery with a short reading and wreath laying.

The setting of Oxonmoot in Lady Margaret Hall allows delegates an opportunity to spend time in one of the loveliest settings for study in the world. Close by the river, and with extensive gardens the college is close to University Parks and accessible to the City Centre and its shops, museums and locations familiar to Tolkien throughout his adult life. A map of the locations where he lived and worked will be available, including the location of the Two Trees, planted by the Society to commemorate Tolkien’s Centenary in 1992.

If you have any questions, please contact the Oxonmoot Chairman, Lyn Wilshire.

Progress Report

All attendees are sent a progress report in the post. If you would like a digital copy, however, it can be downloaded here.

Entings Competition

Calling all Entings (child members) to enter a competition: submit a drawing or other creation that reflects a party in Middle-earth.

There will be two categories: 11 and under, and 12-16. The best will be exhibited at the Oxonmoot Art Show and 2 winners will receive Jemima Catlin Hobbits as prizes. The closing date is 31 July and all entries should be sent to the Entings Representative, Carol Brownlow:

entings [at] tolkiensociety [dot] org

Draft Programme

Thursday – Registration opens at 14.00 to check in and orientate yourself to college, and there will be a guided tour for First Timers. Lunch at 12.00 at the Eagle and Child is not timetabled this year, but will still go ahead so if you wish to join the Subcomm Chair and friends there please contact Lyn Wilshire. The Welcome Buffet dinner will be followed by the infamous Percival Pub Quiz in the Bar. Try to get some sleep – remember there is an extra day!

Friday – A full day of talks and papers, including a Seminar and Debate (topic to be confirmed). The Dealers Room and Art Show will be open for your enjoyment as well as creative workshops in keeping with the theme this year (Creativity). We are hoping there will also be an Acting workshop, yet to be confirmed. Lunch is a picnic in the gardens of Lady Margaret Hall, where there will be optional Golfimbul and other fun. Dinner is a Banquet, so bring a posh frock, if you can.

Saturday – Talks and papers will fill the morning, with the Dealers and Art Show open until lunchtime. Lunch is included in your Registration (soup and sandwiches) and during lunch the draw will be held to find the lucky person who gets their Registration refunded. This will be followed by a Show in the Lecture Theatre, including the Masquerade. No food is provided in the evening but a list of takeaways will be included with the Progress Report in August. The evening will be Party Time, dancing to music or chilling in the Mary O’Brien Room if you prefer.

Sunday – In the morning morning we will gather at Wolvercote Cemetery (bus transfer included in the cost of Registration) for a short ceremony thanking the Professor for bringing us together in his memory. The buses then return us to college and the official weekend is over. This part of the weekend is traditionally known as ‘Dead Orcs’ and consists of private lunches and reluctant goodbyes, with promises of meeting again next year


Registration starts at £55 and is used to pay for the hire of rooms and to meet the other expenses of running Oxonmoot. The Subcomm gives its time for nothing but all expenses are met (although not always claimed). The Chair can provide a breakdown of the costs is you wish to see them. Saturday lunch is included in order to bring all Oxonmooters together in one place.

Day tickets are now available to purchase online.

Type Cost
Adult member (16+) £65
Adult non-member (16+) £75
Child member (7-15 years) £22.50
Child non-member (7-15 years) £25
Young child (0-6 years) Free
Adult day ticket (16+) £25
Child day ticket (7-15) £5
Young child day ticket (0-6 years) Free

Note that prices are inflated slightly on the online booking form to account for transaction fees (2.4% + 20p). Also note that the prices above include the late booking fee of £10.


The Welcome dinner is a buffet selection of 5 mains and 4 desserts (including a vegan choice). First Timers receive a 10% discount on this meal. Friday lunch is a picnic catered by LMH and consists of sandwiches, cake, pastries, strawberries and a selection of teas (the bar will be open).

The Banquet starts with canapés and includes wine, water and fruit juice. We will be eating Smoked Trout and Salmon Mousse with Pea Shoots and Balsamic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Pan Fried Duck Breast with an Orange, Celeriac and Mustard Seed Relish followed by Blackforest Ganache with Vanilla Pod Ice Cream. Vegetarian/Vegan/Coeliac alternatives can be arranged on request.

Only the Saturday Soup and Sandwiches lunch is included in Registration so remember to book the other meals as desired. Saturday night is not catered, but takeaways deliver to college, or there are plenty of eateries in Oxford.

Welcome Buffet (Thursday dinner) – £30 (First Timers £27)
Picnic Lunch (Friday lunch) – £15
Banquet (Friday night) – £50
Soup and sandwiches (Saturday lunch) – Free!


Accommodation costs are separate and all include breakfast. Staying in college is optional, but there is no cheap way to stay in Oxford and staying outside college means missing a lot of fun. Rooms are basic (single bed with basin), en-suite (single bed with shower/toilet) luxury en-suite (in the new block, single with shower/toilet) and twin (2 single beds with shower/toilet). Twins must be booked before 31st July. Extra nights can be added by contacting the bookings officer.

Single Standard – £63 per night
Basic en-suite – £69 per night
Luxury en-suite – £83 per night
Twin en-suite – £88 per night