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New Amon Hen and Mallorn editors announced

The Tolkien Society is pleased to announce new editors for both its publications: its bimonthly magazine Amon Hen and its annual journal Mallorn.

Members of the Society get access to Amon Hen and Mallorn as part of their membership subscription, as well as, via our members’ area on the website, have access to the entire back-catalogue of both publications going back to 1969. Amon Hen comes out every other month and contains short articles, reviews and news; Mallorn is our annual journal which is more academic in nature.

Amon Hen

Darrell Curtis, Amon Hen editor
Darrell Curtis, incoming Amon Hen editor

We’re pleased to announce that Darrell Curtis, from Louisiana, USA, is taking over as editor of Amon Hen, and he’s supported by two other members based in Canada and and the UK. Darrell is committed to Amon Hen representing the Society’s international audience and had this to say on his appointment:

“For over 40 years, I’ve enjoyed The Professor’s works from the sidelines, without benefit of smial or Society. Now, I find myself with this awe-inspiring opportunity to join this global fellowship from the pages of Amon Hen! If you were to seek me in Middle-earth, you’d find me at The Green Dragon Inn, serving drinks and enjoying the company. As I move ahead in this new editorial venture, I look forward to helping connect this community by sharing news, articles, and artwork in the same congenial atmosphere that those before me have worked so hard to establish.”

Darrell’s first Amon Hen will be in May, and he takes over from Andrew Butler who has ably edited Amon Hen for over 20 years. During Andrew’s time he has steered Amon Hen through the ups and downs of the Society’s membership, and the release of six films, always sticking to the bimonthly schedule. Andrew saw the publication introduce members to new artists, as well as new articles that reflect our changing times. I’m sure everyone will wish to thank Andrew for his service, as well as get in touch with Darrell to offer their support and contributions!


Luke Shelton, Mallorn editor
Luke Shelton, Mallorn editor

We’re pleased to announce Luke Shelton, from Minnesota, USA, as the new editor of Mallorn. Luke will be familiar to many members from his blog and his recent Tolkien Experience Project. Luke will be supported by two other members based in the USA and Norway, and Luke is committed to making Mallorn more widely accessed in universities and libraries around the world, as well as enhancing its academic credentials. He said:

“I have been active in Tolkien scholarship for several years. Most recently, I have completed a PhD investigating the way that readers under the age of eighteen respond to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and have published encyclopedia articles on Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea cycle. I have also been running the Tolkien Experience Project and Tolkien Experience Podcast since 2018, which has given me insight into the personal responses of Tolkien fans and scholars more generally. I am eager to take the helm at Mallorn and to ensure that the journal becomes an essential part of every scholarly conversation about Tolkien’s works and fantasy literature.”

Luke intends to produce a Mallorn for this summer, with a further edition at the end of the year, to make up for the fact that no Mallorn was published in 2019. Luke takes over from Ro Haddon who, in three years, introduced peer reviews of Mallorn articles for the first time; she was supported by Mike Afford who as production editor was responsible for putting Mallorn together. We thank them both for their service.

You can get in touch with Luke here.

About the Author: The Tolkien Society
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