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What’s a Smial?

Smials are local groups of The Tolkien Society which meet on a regular or occasional basis, named after the word Tolkien uses for hobbit-homes.

Although affiliated to the Society they are independent organisations and are run entirely on a voluntary basis. As such, meetings can take many forms, from going to the pub or having lunch through to dedicated Tolkien reading groups.

You don’t have to be a member of the Society to join a Smial, so get in touch with the contact for your nearest group (or perhaps start your own if there’s not one close to you).

If you have any questions, please contact the Society’s Smials Co-ordinator, Jan Boom.

Find your nearest Smial

Have a look at the map below to find your nearest group (zoom-out for Smials outside of the UK):

Lake Evendim - North and East Yorkshire
Contact: Catherine Thorn
Eregion (Hollin) - Wolverhampton
If you live in or near Wolvehampton, come join us! We're a friendly gathering of Tolkien fans who meet for an innmoot once a month.
Meeting Location: The Moon Under Water
Meeting Time: 18.30, the third Tuesday of every month
Contact: John Casey
Elostirion - Whitehaven and Cumbria
Mostly meeting on the 2nd Saturday of the month at the Bransty Arch Wetherspoon in Whitehaven, but enquirers should contact to check if an evening event is being held instead.
Contact: Susan Edwards
Welly-moot Smial - Wellington
Contact: Jack Machiela
University of York Tolkien Society
The Society currently meets every Wednesday evening during term time. The Society is only open to students.
Website: Facebook group
Contact: Mike Whepley
Taruithorn - The Oxford Tolkien Society
Contact: Chris Josephs
Glasgow University Tolkien Society
The Society currently meets every Thursday at 8pm at the Students' Union. The Society is open to both students and non-students.
Website: Facebook page
Contact: Maria Skamanga
Minas Tirith - The Cambridge Tolkien Society
Chairman: James Baillie
University of Bristol Tolkien Society
A new society for students at the University of Bristol. Currently setting up their regular meetings but they have an active Facebook group.
Contact: Nicky Ebbage
The Last Alliance: U of A Tolkien Society
Website:, Twitter, Facebook Group, Reddit
Contact: Cara Luken
Wellinghall Smial - The Toronto Tolkien Society
Website: Official blog
Contact: Maureen Mann
Lays of Leithian - Tegelen
Contact: Jan Boom
Tol Eressëa - Taipei
Contact: Douglas Rapier
Esgaroth - Syracuse
Website: Facebook group
Contact: Jim B. Johnson and Sean Kirst
Southfarthing - Southampton
Contact: Diane Forest-Hill
Website: Southfarthing Mathom
Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) Tolkien Society
The Society meets every Friday from 7-9pm. The Society is open to both students and non-students, although please check first whether non-students are able to attend. They host lots of events throughout the week, all of which are advertised on Facebook.
Contact: Cassie Parkes
Proudneck - Rome
Website: (Facebook group, Google +)
Contact: Norbert Spina
Mithlondrim - Merseyside and North West
General get-together for all northern members - meeting on the last Saturday afternoon of each month at the Greyfriar in the centre of Preston.
Contact: Phil Lloyd
Lómelindi - Nashville
Website: Facebook group, Yahoo group
Contact: Amy H. Sturgis
Three Farthing Stone - Gloustershire
Contact: Andy Compton
Tolkien Fans Monterrey
Website: Facebook Group
Get in touch.
Bolgeri - Milan
Website: Facebook page
Mailing list: Yahoo mailing list
Contact: Alberto Ladavas
Treegarth Smial - Derbyshire/Staffordshire
Contact: Maggie Percival
Tolkien Forever Fellowship of Southern California
Website: (Facebook page, Facebook group.)
Contact: Kristi Fojtik
Northfarthing - London and Home Counties
We meet on the first Saturday of every month at 8pm at the Penderel's Oak in Holborn.
Contact: Jeremy Morgan
Tol Andúnë - Hawaii
Contact: Barabara Kahana
Amon Sûl - Halifax
Meetings on Saturday afternoons, generally at members' homes in Halifax, for discussion and lunch.
Contact: Denis Bridoux
Laurelin - Scotland and Online
Our focus revolves primarily around Lotro (Lord of the Rings Online) and the promotion of Tolkien through the online gaming community, and all things Arda.
Contact: Francesca Barbini
Misty Mountains - Denver
Contact: Carrie Ross-Clark
The Shire - Coventry
Contact: Alison Swann
Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship Smial - Brisbane
Contact: Peter Kenny
The South Downs - Sussex
The South Downs Smial is for people in Sussex and we meet regularly (on a rotational basis) in Worthing, Hove and Brighton Marina.
We have a full mix of age ranges and discuss everything about the films, books and Tolkien's life. We're a friendly group who regularly socialise together and are keen to meet others.
Meeting times: 2pm, second Saturday of every month
Meeting locations: Worthing, Hove and Brighton Marina.
Contact: Shaun Gunner
Isengard - Birmingham Area
Contact: Dave Corby
University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham's "Middle-earth Society" meets every Monday evening for "Middle-earth Mondays". All welcome! Websites: Facebook group, Guild Website
Contact: Katie Louise Rice
The Grey Havens - Liverpool
Contact: David Horn
Durin’s Guard - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact: Serjeant of the Guard
Lebennin Smial: The Lebanese Tolkien Society
Websites: Facebook group
Contact: Jihane Alexandria Abouzeid


Facebook Smial

The Tolkien Society also has a very active Facebook group which features a wide range of discussions from the serious and the scholarly to the humorous and the silly – there’s something for everyone! As it’s a mixture of Tolkien Society members and other fans we refer to it as an online smial of The Tolkien Society.

Can I form my own Smial?

Yes! Have a look at this short guide on how to start your own Smial.