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8 - 11 August 2014
Wheaton College, Norton, MA

The annual conference of the Mythopoeic Society. This year’s theme is ‘Where Fantasy Fits’.

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    23 September 2014
    Lichfield Library, Staffordshire

    David Robbie will be delivering a talk on ‘Tolkien and the Great War’ on Tuesday 23 September at 1.30pm.

    7 October 2014
    Great Haywood, Staffordshire

    Join local Tolkien fans on a walk around Tolkien’s Great Haywood on Tuesday 7 October.

    6 - 11 December 2014
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL to the Caribbean

    “The Last Ships Leaving Middle-earth” is an all-inclusive Tolkien-themed cruise set to sail the Caribbean in early December 2014.

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    18 September 2014
    Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

    Join local Tolkien and history fans on a walk on Thursday 18 September through Cannock Chase, taking in Brocton Coppice, the Great War Hut at Marquis Drive Centre, in addition to visits to the P and M Lines where Tolkien was billeted.

    25 September 2014
    Baswich Library, Stafford

    Local historian David Robbie will be delivering a talk on ‘Tolkien and the Great War’ on Thursday 25 September at 6pm.

    6 - 7 November 2014
    The University of Porto, Portugal

    “Worlds Made of Heroes” is a forthcoming Tolkien conference which will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of The Fellowship of the Ring.

    10 - 11 January 2015
    Baltimore, Maryland

    Mythmoot III: Ever On is the third annual gathering of the Mythgard Institute, designed to study and discuss fantasy literature and film in innovative and exciting ways.

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