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Father builds ‘hobbit hole’ playhouse for children

A couple from Bolton, England have built a hobbit-hole in their garden for their children to play in. The den featured on the Channel 4 programme George Clark’s Amazing Spaces on Thursday 5th June.

The den was built in the garden for £4,000 over two weeks and includes a log fire, a sofa bed, and an underground leading to a second entrance. The interior is made from oak and it lit with fairy lights. Olly Wotherspoon said:

I wanted it for the kids now, but it will also be there when they’re older so they can go and play down there, smoke a cheeky cig with their mates and that sort of thing. And also somewhere my wife and I could go if we wanted to have our friends round and go down there for a glass of wine.

You can watch George Clark’s Amazing Spaces on 4oD (available in the UK until the 6th July) or read the full story at the Daily Mail.

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