Tolkien and Diversity

Tolkien and Diversity


Edited by Will Sherwood.

The proceedings of The Tolkien Society Summer Seminar 2021.

Published under the auspices of the Peter Roe Memorial Fund, twenty-second in the series.


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This volume of proceedings contains papers from the Tolkien Society Summer Seminar 2021. It asked scholars to consider the role that diversity plays in Middle-earth’s linguistic and literary make-up: how does Tolkien explore race, gender, sexuality, disability, class, religion and faith, and age? How do different fandoms receive his works? How can varying perspectives enrich our understanding of Arda?

Tolkien and Diversity also marks a new direction for the Seminar proceedings. Authors are now invited to publish their paper in English and their first language.


Will Sherwood

Desire of the ring: an Indian academic’s adventures in her quest for the perilous realm
Sonali Arvind Chunodkar

Translation as a means of representation and diversity in Tolkien’s scholarship and fandom
Martha Celis-Mendoza

(Original Spanish) La traducción como medio de representación y diversidad en los estudios sobre Tolkien entre la academia y los fans
Martha Celis-Mendoza

How Queer Atheists, Agnostics, and Animists Engage with Tolkien’s Legendarium
Robin Anne Reid

Stars Less Strange: An Analysis of Fanfiction and Representation within the Tolkien Fan Community
Dawn Walls-Thumma

Hidden Visions: Iconographies of Alterity in Soviet Bloc Illustrations for The Lord of the Rings
Joel Merriner

“Something Mighty Queer”: Destabilizing Cishetero Amatonormativity in the Works of Tolkien
Danna Petersen-Deeprose

The Invisible Other: Tolkien’s Dwarf-Women and the ‘Feminine Lack’
Sara Brown

The Lossoth: Indigeneity, Representation, and Antiracism
Nicholas Birns

“The Burnt Hand Teaches Most About Fire”: Applying Trauma Exposure and Ecological Frameworks to Narratives
of Displacement and Resettlement Across Elven Cultures in Tolkien’s Middle-earth
V. Elizabeth King

The Problem of Pain: Portraying Physical Disability in the Fantasy of J.R.R. Tolkien
Clare Moore

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Publication Date: 16 May 2023
Publisher: Luna Press Publishing
Language: English

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