Tolkien Birthday Toast 2015
3 January 2015
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Each year on 3 January, the Tolkien Society encourages Tolkien fans from across the world to celebrate the Professor’s birthday with a simple toast-drinking ceremony.

The Toast

At 9pm your local time, we invite Tolkien fans to raise a glass and toast the birthday of this much loved author. The toast is simply:

The Professor!

All you need to do is stand, raise a glass of your choice of drink (not necessarily alcoholic), and say the words “The Professor” before taking a sip (or swig, if that’s more appropriate for your drink). Sit and enjoy the rest of your drink.

Let us and others know what you’ll be drinking and where in the comments below, on Twitter (using #TolkienBirthdayToast) or Facebook.

Note that we do not condone drinking alcohol if it endangers the health or safety of the drinker or others, or contravenes the law.

Find Local Birthday Toast Events

Local Tolkien Societies or Smials often meet on 3 January in a pub so that you can raise you glass and have a good chat with fellow Tolkien fans. Let us know where your local group will be meeting and we’ll add it to the map below: