Oxonmoot Online – Programme
18 – 20 September 2020
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Note that timings shown are provisional and subject to change.

Please check the final information provided to delegates.

Detailed schedule last updated 17 Sept 2020.

Thanks to the actions of Ar-Pharazôn at the end of the Second Age, we find ourselves living on a round world – which means we have to deal with the complexities of time zones. To make the event as accessible as possible to as many of our members as we can, the “core” time for the keynote events and larger activities will be 17:00-22:30 UK time.

Outside these hours, we will run an engaging programme of talks, papers, activities and social gatherings – see the full daily programme below. We intend to record talks and papers so that delegates can watch the presentations which are delivered at a time which is difficult in their time zone.

A reminder that Oxonmoot Online will not be streamed live – to enjoy all the activities below, you need to be a registered delegate

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Core Time

Friday 18th September

  • 18:00 UK Time
    Keynote Talk – Dr Dimitra Fimi, Senior Lecturer in Fantasy and Children’s Literature and Co-Director of the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic at the University of Glasgow, UK
  • 19:00 UK time
    Opening Ceremony
     followed by
    Diversity in Tolkien Scholarship and Fandom, a round-table discussion and Q&A moderated by Sultana Raza, with Elyanna Choi and Sarah Westvik
  • 21:00 UK time

Saturday 19th September

  • 17:15 UK time
    New Voices in Tolkien Scholarship
    , a panel moderated by Luke Shelton, with Mina Lukic, Taylor Driggers, Mariana Rios Maldonado and Laura Martin-Gomez
  • 19:00 UK time
    Keynote Talk – Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull
    , Tolkien scholars and recipients of the 2020 Tolkien Society Outstanding Contribution Award
  • 20:00 UK time
    Shared dinner, including facing West before dinner in the manner of Faramir in Henneth Annûn and toasts
  • 21:00 UK time
    Entertainments & Masquerade

Sunday 20th September

  • 17:30 UK time
    The Future of the Tolkien Society, a presentation and discussion led by Shaun Gunner, Chair of the Tolkien Society
  • 19:00 UK time
    Keynote Talk – Professor Yvette Kisor
    , Professor of English and Literary Studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA, and co-editor of Tolkien and Alterity.
  • 20:00 UK time
    Enyalië and Closing Ceremony (20:00 UK time)

Full Daily Programme

Note: References to “day” refer to the programme starting that day in UK time, though in the case of Friday and Saturday running past midnight  that day. Delegates in other time zones (especially East of the UK) should take care to work out the day in their own time zone, which may differ)!

The timetables include timing for Australia (Victoria state), Eastern Europe, Western Europe, UK, US Eastern Time, and US Pacific Time. Others will need to extrapolate from these.

Friday Timetable (updated 17 Sept 2020)

Saturday Timetable (updated 17 Sept 2020)

Sunday Timetable (updated 17 Sept 2020)

Programme Event Descriptions (updated 17 Sept 2020)