Poetry Reading
18 – 20 September 2020
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A new event for Oxonmoot Online!

After the Entertainments on the Saturday, we will be running a Poetry Reading session where Poets can share their work inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, and others can read their favourite poems by Tolkien himself and his associates.

Your Contribution

We are inviting three types of contribution:

  • Original poems written by you, inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Readings of poems by Tolkien
  • Readings of poems by Tolkien’s associates, for example other members of the TCBS

Please provide as much information as you can on the submission form to help us schedule the evening. Please note the following:

  • You need to provide details of the poem on the submission form, whether it is your own work or a published poem by Tolkien or another author.
  • As a guide, poems should be no more than 50 lines, with a reading time of no more than 5 minutes. If your poem is longer than this, then please contact to discuss the options.
  • If you wish to read more than one poem, please submit each separately. We reserve the right to limit the number of poems read by a single person depending on the number of submissions we recieve.
  • Contributions should normally be performed “live” on the evening.
  • Pre-recorded videos may be submitted where you need to compile input from multiple performers, or where time-zones mean that live performance isn’t practical for you.
  • Poems should be the equivalent of “PG” rated (or your local equivalent); poems that contain gruesome violence, gore, or explicit sexual content will not be accepted.

Submissions must be received by 08:00 UK Time on Saturday 5th September.

An Anthology of Poems and Recommendations

After the event, we hope to produce an Anthology of members’ poems, with a special section in which those who have read published poems can describe what they love about the poem they chose.

The submission form offers you the choice of whether your poem is included in the anthology. If you do select for your poem to be published, you are agreeing to the following:

Unless otherwise agreed in writing submissions to the Tolkien Society for publication are accepted on the basis that the creator grants the Society a non-exclusive licence to publish (in any media), copy, or translate the work and to edit the work for normal production standards. Where the creator subsequently publishes a work elsewhere, first publication by the Tolkien Society should be acknowledged.

If you are reading your own poem which has been previously published elsewhere and wish to include it in the Anthology, details of the previous publication and agreement that it can be re-published by the Tolkien Society should be provided on the submission form.

Help and Further Information

If you need any further help or have any questions, please contact

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