Costume Masquerade
18 – 20 September 2020
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Deadline Extended to Wednesday 9th September

Enter the Masquerade

The Costume Masquerade at Oxonmoot Online will offer an opportunity for Tolkien costumers to show off their talents through the medium of an online video masquerade.

We recognise that it would be very difficult to show off costumes “live” online, so the masquerade will work like this…

  1. You submit material to show off your costume in advance
  2. We will compile all the submitted material to create a video masquerade
  3. Our judges will review the presentation and any supporting material you submit and agree awards
  4. During Oxonmoot Online:
    1. We will play the video presentation
    2. Our judges will present the awards
    3. We will run a “Show and Tell” workshop where you can discuss your costume with others, and share the tricks and tips you used
  5. After the event, we will send certificates to the award winners

Categories and Judging

Entries are invited for all types of Tolkien costume, from costumers of all ages and experience. You can enter as a single person, or as a group.

We are currently planning to give awards to costumes in four categories:

  • Original Costume
    Costume or concept not based on published images, whether painting, drawing or film
  • Recreation
    Costume based on a published image, including film re-creation
  • Reprise
    Costume which has previously been shown at a Tolkien Society event
  • Children
    Entry in which all those presenting the costume(s) are under 16. 

The on-line entry form asks you to indicate which category your costume falls in.

In addition to awards for the costumes themselves, we will also make at least one award for Workmanship, and the judges will have discretion to make some additional awards.

However, having said all of this, you shouldn’t be put off taking part by feeling that it is an overly competitive Masquerade. The important thing is that together we put on a great show for the audience!

Your Entry

There will be two parts to your entry:

  1. An entry form through which you provide background information about you and the costume. Please do this as soon as you know that you want to enter.
  2. Material you upload to a link which we will provide to you when you submit the entry form.
    1. Material for the video presentation. Recognising the importance of movement to showing off a costume, we strongly recommend that you make a short video of you in your costume. However if you aren’t able to do this, you may also submit a number of photos which we will combine to create a video. See further information below.
    2. Additional material to support workmanship judging (optional). This could be photographs, notes, or even a “making of” video if you wish.
    3. Source photo for recreation costumes.

To take part in the Masquerade you must be registered as a delegate of Oxonmoot Online – book here if you are not already registered.

All parts of your entry must be received by 20:00 UK time on Wednesday 9th September.

The Video Submission

The key part of your entry is the material that will be part of the actual video presentation at Oxonmoot Online.

To help people with all levels of technical capability to take part, we offer a number of options:

  1. Edit your own video, including any music or voiceover, so we can use it as you submit it. This gives you complete control over what is shown.
  2. Provide us with raw video which we can use to create a presentation video for you, together with text for any voiceover and details of the music you would like to accompany it.
  3. Provide us with a set of photographs showing the costume in different poses, and close-up photos of specific details or points of interest, which we will use to create a photo-montage video, together with text for any voiceover and details of the music you would like to accompany it.

Please note the following:

  1. Edited videos or accompanying scripts should be no longer than 90 seconds. If you feel you need longer than this, please contact the Masquerade Co-ordinator.
  2. All videos should be shot in landscape format so they can be shared to screens over the Zoom link.
  3. We cannot use music from the Peter Jackson movies.
  4. All videos should be “PG” rated or your local equivalent, i.e. suitable for viewing by children.
  5. We reserve the right to edit any material if required to make an effective overall presentation.
  6. We reserve the right to exclude an entry if we feel it contains inappropriate material or is incompatible with the goals of Oxonmoot Online or the Tolkien Society.

Help and Further Information

If you need any further help or have any questions, please contact the Masquerade Co-ordinator.

Enter the Masquerade