Frequently Asked Questions – Oxonmoot
31 August – 3 September 2023
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Online, and St Anne's College, Oxford

This page will be frequently updated with your most burning questions, so that we can share the knowledge.

  • What is special about Oxonmoot 2023?

It is our Fiftieth Oxonmoot! The first Oxonmoot was held in 1974, and it never stopped, even during the pandemic when we went online. We’re ready to celebrate with a big party, a BBQ, special Masquerade and Ents arrangements, and much more!


  • Will Oxonmoot 2023 be offering day registration?

Unlikely at this stage. We expect high numbers for our special event, which should fill out both the in person and the online places.

  • Will Oxonmoot 2023 registration increase in price?

Yes. We offered Early Bird bookings until midnight UK time on 28 February 2023. Registration price will then go up again on 1 June 2023.

  • Why is there a waiting list for Oxford attendance?

The waiting list was implemented when we reached maximum capacity for our venue. The maximum number we can have present in Oxford is dictated by a number of factors such as fire limit regulations, adequate staffing by the venue, and others.

  • How do I get on the waiting list for Oxford attendance?

There are two ways to be put on the waiting list:

  1. Register using the Online form, and pick the waiting list option in the beginning. This gives you the opportunity to attend Online if your wait isn’t successful.
  2. Email our Bookings Officer, Sydney Henry, with your details, if you’re certain that you won’t be attending online, only in-person.
  • Is my booking refundable?

Partially, and up to a point. We don’t normally refund the cost of registration, but you can usually get other costs, such as room bookings, refunded if you contact us before 15 August 2023. After that, the refund of venue-related costs will be up to the College and may take some time to process. For full details, see our Policy or contact the Bookings Officer.

  • How do I book a second adult or a child in Oxford?

For a second adult, simply complete a second form with their details, room, and meal choices. If you wish to stay together in a twin room, book the twin room under one name and give the second person’s name when it prompts you; the second person should then choose ‘I’m managing my own accommodation’, and only pay for registration and any extras like meals and t-shirts.

For a child under 16, they must be booked together with an adult. Tick the box ‘I would like to include a child in this booking’ under ‘Choose all that apply to you’ on the first page of the booking form. You will then be given the option to give their details and book meals, etc. Children under 16 must stay in a twin room with an adult, if staying at the college, so you will not see any other room options apart from staying outside of the college. Children 16-17 years of age should be booked as ‘adults’ using their own form but indicate their date of birth on the first page.

  • Can I get help with the registration costs?

We are conscious that some of our delegates will be suffering from financial difficulties as a result of multiple global factors, while others live in countries with lower average income than others. With this in mind, we are pleased to say that we will be offering a limited number of reduced cost online memberships of Oxonmoot. If you would like to apply for one of these, please email the Co-Chairs of Oxonmoot at before you book.

Postgraduate Students intending to submit a paper for presentation at Oxonmoot are eligible to apply for a Tolkien Society Bursary to cover the cost of their registration fee and, for in person delegates, up to £500 towards travel and accommodation costs. The call for applications for Bursaries date will be announced soon.

  • Is there any other accommodation available in Oxford?

Yes.  Other colleges also offer accommodation in student quarters, and you can look on various websites where the Oxford colleges advertise their availability, including the colleges’ own websites.  There are several B&Bs and small hotels on Banbury Road and Woodstock Road, especially if you go further north from St Anne’s.  There are good bus services on both these roads so you can get to the college quickly and easily. is a good place to start but you can also look at the “official” tourism website

Getting there

  • How do I get there if I am coming in person?

The address of the venue is St Anne’s College, 56 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HS, United Kingdom.

By train: Trains to Oxford Station are run by Great Western Railway (GWR).  From the station you can either take a taxi or there are local buses serving the station that will take you to Woodstock Road.  The college is about a 20 minute walk from the station.  Note that there will be a major road closure between the station and the centre of Oxford during Oxonmoot – more details can be found in this article.

By bus: From the station you can take a direct bus (300) to the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter stop on Woodstock Road, though this involves walking from the train station to the George Street stop in the city centre, or a direct bus (n. 14) to the Bevington Road stop which is a few minutes from the college’s main entrance but on a parallel road.  See below if you are coming by car.

By car:  There is extremely limited parking at the College, and it is reserved for Blue Badge holders, and those who need to load/unload as part of the event.  If you have heavy luggage you may be able to ask the college security staff to let you drop it off but be sure to ask nicely in advance by calling the college.  If you want to drive, the best thing is to park in one of the Oxford Park and Rides and take the bus from there. The most direct bus route is from Pear Tree Park and Ride, north of the city, as the 300 bus takes you virtually to the college door (Radcliffe Observatory Quarter stop on Woodstock Road) and the ride is quite short, no more than 20 minutes without too much traffic.

By coach:  There are coach services from various cities in the UK and also from Heathrow if you are coming from abroad.  National Express and Megabus serve Oxford from Heathrow, Luton and Stanstead as well as other cities in the UK.  There are also other companies.

  • What is the college campus layout?

There is a map of the campus available on the college website here.  For events, the college will produce a visitor map which you will receive when you arrive.  The layout remains the same of course but the venues where we will be holding Oxonmoot will be more clearly marked.  Accommodation is in the student halls within the campus, which you can see marked on the map.  You can also see what the rooms and other parts of the college look like by checking this page on the college website.

  • How do I participate in the online Oxonmoot?

Online Oxonmoot will take place on Zoom so if you haven’t already downloaded it please do that before the day to avoid delays! You can find it here.  Links to the Zoom “strands” will be sent out to you the day before the meeting.  There will be two main Zoom “strands” or areas, one for the main talks and events (the “Webinar strand”) and one for the programme of activities taking place in the other meeting rooms (the “Meeting strand”).

What happens at Oxonmoot

  • When will the programme/list of talks/guests be released?

This will most likely be in the summer – keep an eye out here for updates!

  • How do I see the programme while at Oxonmoot?

We will be using an app called “Sched”.  It will be kept up to date so that any changes in the programme can be reflected immediately, so make sure you have access to it!  It will be available to download/access nearer the time, and an email will go out announcing this.  Please make sure you register here once you have received the email, and if you want to you can also download it onto your mobile.  You can find out more in the Attendee Guides at the bottom of the registration page.

  • What is the difference between online and in person Oxonmoot?

Apart from the activities that require physical presence, like walking or running in Oxford, or eating food, very little!  The Friday night party will have online attendance, as will all the talks and seminars and activities.  The quizzes too, and the Masquerade.  In short, you will be able to enjoy Oxonmoot online just as much as those who are coming in person!

  • What is the Masquerade?

The Masquerade is a judged costuming competition where contestants present their costumes on stage to the entire audience. It is judged by a panel that includes costuming experts, artists and others of note. The Masquerade will be held on Saturday night.

  • Can I wear a costume not just for the competition?

Absolutely! You will occasionally find members in costumes or part of a costume. While the majority of attendees don’t wear a costume, you won’t be out of place if you do.

  • What are Ents?

Shepherds of the Trees and also ‘entertainments’ – a series of short, cabaret-style performances by attendees for attendees, a bit like an open mic night.

  • I wish to take part in Oxonmoot as a presenter/guest/entertainer/dealer/artist/volunteer.

Amazing! Please either use the booking form to indicate your area (on the first page, under ‘Choose all that apply to you’), or contact the Co-chairs at

  • I wish to present a paper at Oxonmoot 2023.

The Call for Papers for Oxonmoot 2023 is now open! We are pleased to welcome talk and paper contributions for Oxonmoot 2023.

The Talks and Papers strand will run through the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning on 1-3 September 2023 but online papers from any time zone are considered. Papers may be presented in person in Oxford or online via Zoom. Papers should be 20 minutes in length (with a further 10 minutes allowed for questions). The deadline for submissions is midnight UK time on Sunday, 30 April 2023.

For more information, see the Information for Participants page.

Other burning questions

  • What are the winning designs for the logo and the t-shirt?

Logo: Siobhan Sharkey

T-shirt: Stephanie Estrada

Click here to see the winning entries in all their glory.

  • When will I get my t-shirt(s)?

We’re aiming to send out all t-shirts in the Summer 2023, if you book before 1 August 2023. If you book after this date, your t-shirt might arrive after the event. (For those familiar with our events, we’re using a new system this year).

  • Is there parking at the venue in Oxford?

No. There is extremely limited parking at the College, and it is reserved for Blue Badge holders, and those who need to load/unload as part of the event.  If you have heavy luggage you may be able to ask the college security staff to let you drop it off but be sure to ask nicely in advance by calling the college.