Food & Drink
13 – 15 September 2019
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St Antony's College, Oxford

College Meals

Breakfast is available if you purchased breakfast tokens with your booking. It is usually served in the Dining Hall at 8.00–9.00 on Saturday, and 9.00–10.00 on Sunday (but check OI for confirmation). Only those who paid for breakfast tokens when booking their accommodation can be served. Queues can form so if anyone shows a Q–jump ticket please understand that they have duties somewhere and let them move in front of you. The College is excellent with special dietary needs but it is useful to let us know in advance.

The Friday Welcome Dinner will be served in the Dining Hall at 7.30 pm, for those who have booked in advance. It is an opportunity to renew old friendships and for First Timers to make new ones. There is some more about this year’s Dinner on our website at

Saturday lunchwill be a soup and sandwiches lunch served in the Dining Hall, and is the only meal included in your registration package.

No other meals are catered,so Saturday evening is free for you to eat out of College or arrange for take away to be delivered to the Porters’ Lodge.

The Bar

The Bar is situated in the Buttery on the ground floor of the Hilda Besse building and we’ve been promised that it will stay there(ask any old–timer for the tale of the Year of the Migrating Bar.)