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The Battle of Between Four and Seven Armies

I won’t defile this space with my review of Hobbit III. But I will link to it.

About the Author: David Bratman

David Bratman is co-editor of Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review, and former editor of Mythprint, the bulletin of The Mythopoeic Society. He likes to write about Tolkienian biography and bibliography.

  • The Klingons have a an old proverb: No Tolkien movie survives the battle with a purist.

    • David Bratman

      If you’re defining a purist as anyone who thinks that a movie claiming to be based on a book ought to have some vague resemblance to the spirit of that book, then no, they don’t. They defeat themselves, when they might easily have succeeded. It’s sad.

      • I only meant to compliment your credentials for knowing your Tolkien. I enjoyed your review.