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The Tolkien Society has around 1,400 members in over 30 different countries, many of whom play a full and active role in the Society. If you are looking for a last–minute gift for a loved one (or, indeed, yourself!) here’s what Tolkien Society membership has to offer.

A summary of Tolkien-related contents from the internet, appearing (or being discovered) in April …

The editors of Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review have announced the expected contents of volume 14.

May 2017 Things have been rather hectic again, so I have decided to mostly go about things the easy way and use the intro I get in my feed reader, just citing the first something characters of the post. Everywhere where the description is given as “<text> […]”, the <text> is from the blog post […]

March 2017 Given the delay of these transactions, it will be no surprise that I am keeping busy with other, non-Tolkienian, matters. The last month or so up to Easter was quite more than usually busy at work, and Easter felt deeply well-deserved 🙂 For that reason, I continue to cut down on my personal […]

February 2017 ‘Busy as a bee’ is, I believe, the English expression that matches my life at the moment, though I will happily accept that ‘bee in the bonnet’ would be an appealing expression to apply to me ….