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Oxonmoot Talks & Papers Programme

We are delighted to announce the speakers for the Talks and Papers programme at Oxonmoot 2021.

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The Talks and Papers at Oxonmoot are always an eclectic mixture covering all aspects of matters Tolkien, but this year’s promises to be as diverse and exciting as we have ever had. The programme combines in person and online presentations, and can be enjoyed whether you join us in Oxford or as an Online delegate.

Further elements of the programme and the timetable will be announced as they are confirmed.

Talks & Papers:

  • Ash Anteau “Slain ye Shall be”: Eschatological Morality and the House of Feanor in The Silmarillion
  • Ian Barnstead Rivendell, the Place of Leisure
  • Beregond Some Notes on Barad-dûr
  • Denis Bridoux Númenórean Arts and Crafts: An anthropological exploration of Númenórean civilization based on its remaining artefacts
  • Jennifer Brooker Invisible disability in Middle Earth
  • Sara Brown A Modest Witness in Middle-earth: Reading the Intersection Between J.R.R. Tolkien and Donna Haraway
  • Asli Bulbul The Most Dreaded Question: Is Light a Wave or a Particle (in Eä)?
  • Martha Celis-Mendoza (moderator) Panel: Tolkien in translation
  • Andoni Cossio Addenda: One Middle English Manuscript and Four Editions of Medieval Works Known to J. R. R. Tolkien and What They Reveal
  • Giovanni Carmine Costabile “These are not the Silmarilli you are looking for” – A source study of Tolkien’s Silmarilli
  • David Doughan A folly without warrant: Farmer Giles, place-names and philology
  • Gözde Ersoy The Representation of Human Agency in Roverandom (1925)
  • Ali Ghaderi The Spirit of Women in Tolkien’s Arda: The Representation of Love and Female Identity in Beren and Lúthien
  • Andrew Higgins A Letter to a Friend – the ‘King’s Letter’ as Para-text in The Lord of the Rings
  • Jay Johnstone Fantasy Lockdown
  • Kristine Larsen Tar-Meneldur and the Sorontil Royal Observatory
  • Mina Lukic Dark Places of Middle-earth
  • Alicia Matz Quis enim laesos impune putaret esse deos?: Ents, Sacred Groves, and the Cost of Desecration
  • Mitchell Milam “A Song of Greater Power”: Analyzing Christian Figures in Sir Orfeo and The Lay of Leithian
  • Minna Nizam The Influence of J.R.R. Tolkien on Kentaro Miura – How Lord of the Rings Helped Inspire Berserk
  • Ross Nunamaker Tolkien’s Tragedy: Exploring The Children of Hurin
  • Luca Marco Pappalardo The anarchist roots of Tom Bombadil
  • Sultana Raza Alan Lee’s Talking Landscapes
  • Sultana Raza (moderator) Panel: Global Tolkien
  • Grace Rennison Tolkien, the Eucatastrophe and fighting the Long Defeat in the face of tragedy
  • John Rosegrant When Enchantment Turns Rigid
  • Kenton Sena Treasure, Balrogs, and Environmental Exploitation: Anti-Dwarf prejudice in the Third Age
  • Murray Smith More than just a red beard: Farmer Giles’s Neronian links
  • Ian Spittlehouse Two Boys at the Seaside
  • Timothy Tolkien Same Branch
  • Chris Trwoga Collecting early Tolkien Paperbacks – A homage to Barbara Remington and Pauline Baynes
  • Michael Urick Leadership in Middle-earth: The Influence of Tolkien’s Faith
  • Robert Viscusi The Silmarillion, The Mythological Cycle & Kingship
  • SR Westvik The Dúnadan’s Burden? Or, examining shades of imperialism in Tolkien’s Second Age tales.
  • Jessica Yates Tolkien’s Suitcase
About the Author: Mike Percival
Mike joined the Tolkien Society in 1983. He has previously held the posts of Amon Hen Editor and Treasurer, and has been involved in Oxonmoot since 1985. He is currently co-chair (with Elena Davison) of Oxonmoot, and a member of the Bursary Sub-Committee.