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Oxonmoot 2019: bookings now open

Bookings for Oxonmoot 2019, the Tolkien Society’s annual celebration, are now open. Oxonmoot 2019 will take place over the weekend of 13th-15th September 2019, at St Antony’s College, Oxford.

About Oxonmoot

Oxonmoot is an annual event hosted by The Tolkien Society which brings together over 200 Tolkien fans, scholars, students and Society members from across the world. It has been held annually in Oxford since 1974 on a weekend close to Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday (22nd September) and is the key event in the Society’s annual calendar.

Oxonmoot 2019 is being held over three days from the afternoon of Friday 13th September until lunchtime on Sunday 15th September, at St Antony’s College. The Oxonmoot programme includes talks, quizzes, lectures, workshops, performances, papers, discussions, singing, slideshows, costuming, gaming and celebrating. All of this is supplemented by eating, drinking and chatting! The weekend concludes with a visit to Tolkien’s grave on Sunday morning with “Enyalie”, a beautiful and moving end to the event.


To find out more about this year’s Oxonmoot and to book, visit our Oxonmoot 2019 page.

About the Author: The Tolkien Society
The Tolkien Society is an educational charity and worldwide membership organisation devoted to promoting research into, and educating the public in, the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The Society organises regular events (such as Oxonmoot and Tolkien Reading Day), publishes regular books and journal (such as Amon Hen and Mallorn), and is working towards a permanent home to Tolkien in the UK.