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New Lord of the Rings board game due out

Games Workshop have announced that they are releasing a new licensed strategy board game, Quest to Mount Doom, due out later this year.

In the game, 2-5 players will compete against each other to find the Ring in Middle-earth and take it to Mount Doom to be destroyed. Each game will take 30-45 minutes to complete and the box includes a game board, 9 plastic Fellowship figures, 1 die, 40 item cards, 35 event cards, 42 Eye of Sauron cards, 9 character cards, an Eye of Sauron, and an instruction book.

Games Workshop have previously worked on licensed The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game tabletop wargames. There have been numerous board games in the past, including film-based tie-ins such as The Lord of the Rings Risk and The Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, alongside other board games such as War of the Ring.

No price or formal release date has been announced, but the game is due out this autumn.

Quest to Mount Doom lets players recreate the epic journey that the Fellowship took as they journeyed to Mount Doom – but with a competitive twist! Each player is hunting for the One Ring that is hidden somewhere in Middle-earth. The aim is simple: find the Ring and take it to Mount Doom to see it destroyed. However, you don’t want other players to know you have it, they will only try and take it from you – so keep it secret, keep it safe!

You’ll be able to pick your favourite characters from the Fellowship, each with their own unique ability, and use the wide array of item and event cards to aid your cause, or disrupt your opponents as you search for the Ring. Finding the Ring is the easy part, taking it to Mount Doom will take every ounce of skill and cunning you have – just watch out for the Eye of Sauron!

Front and cover box art of <em>Quest for Mount Doom</em>
Front and cover box art of Quest for Mount Doom
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