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New publication: LOTR Movie Trilogy Colouring Book
Non-final cover of The Lord of the Rings Movie Colouring Book

HarperCollins have announced a worldwide deal with Warner Bros. to publish The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Colouring Book this June.

The book, featuring artwork from Nicolette Caven, will be on sale for £9.99 from 2nd June 2016 and be 84 pages long. Information from the publisher promises images of characters including Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Frodo, Sam, Gollum, and Shelob; locations of Middle-earth including Mordor, Minas Tirith and Rivendell; and events such as the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and the Fellowship’s journey through Moria.

This is not the first time Middle-earth has been turned into a colouring-in book. In 1979, to accompany the animated film of The Lord of the Rings, Whitman published a Coloring Book and a Color and Activity Book. And in Autumn last year Bounty Books released the unauthorised Tolkien’s World: A Colouring Book. However, this is believed the first time that Tolkien’s official publishers have released a dedicated colouring book. David Brawn, the Estates Publisher at HarperCollins – and speaker at the Tolkien Society’s 2014 Seminar – said:

It is now 15 years since the first of The Lord of the Rings film was released, and more than 60 years since we published the books on which they were based, and yet the affection for Middle-earth remains as high as ever. HarperCollins has a tradition of publishing very successful tie-in books based on the iconic film trilogies The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and it is a particular pleasure to be able to respond to a growing demand from fans with a colouring book that will allow them to revisit favourite scenes from the films in such a unique way.

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About the Author: Shaun Gunner
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