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LOTR films top Classic FM poll

Listeners of Classic FM, one of the UK’s leading independent national radio stations, have voted for music from The Lord of the Rings films for the sixth year in the row.

The list, The Movie Music Hall of Fame, was voted on by listeners to Classic FM and is the sixth year in a row that The Lord of the Rings soundtracks composed by Howard Shore have topped the list. In coming top, The Lord of the Rings beat the likes of John William’s Star Wars, Harry Potter and Schindler’s List; Klaus Badelt’s Pirates of the Caribbean; and Hans Zimmer’s Gladiator.

Howard Shore – who’s also composed music for films such as The Aviator, Mrs. Doubtfire, Gangs of New York, Hugo and The Fly – returned to compose the music for The Hobbit trilogy, which also came in at no. 35 on the list. The scores to The Lord of the Rings have been widely regarded by viewers and critics alike, receiving a Grammy, two Oscars, and three Golden Globe awards. On top of that, Annie Lennox also received the Academy Award for Best Original Song for her “Into the West” for The Return of the King.

The music continues to be popular following the release of the Complete Recordings editions of the soundtracks, the book The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films by Doug Adams, and The Lord of the Rings Symphony that continues to play the soundtracks live to audiences around the world.

Elijah Wood, who played Frodo Baggins in the films, said:

I think film scores are always extremely important with regard to the atmosphere and the emotional connection that you have to a film. Those pieces of music – you think about the Hobbiton theme – they’re really iconic. They sort of transcend the films themselves, almost like John Williams’ [scores]. The pieces from Star Wars are so iconic. We hear the music, we know the films and I think to a certain degree that’s the case with Rings too, with Howard Shore’s score.

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