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Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education running Tolkien course this January

The Institute of Continuing Education at the University of Cambridge are offering a course entitled “Tolkien’s amazing world: understanding Middle-earth and how it came to be” this January.

The course is aimed at adults, and will be of particular interest to those teaching Tolkien and want a refresher on his key works and themes.

Taught by Dr John Lennard, the course will consist of the following sessions:

  • The Strange History of The Lord of the Rings and its Legendarium
  • Tolkien, Language, and History
  • Tolkien’s Experiences of War
  • Tolkien’s Greeness
  • Tolkien’s Catholicism and Middle-earth’s Unorthodoxy
  • The Bookverse and the Movieverse
  • Tolkien and the Critics.

The short weekend course will run 8–10 January 2016 at Madingley Hall, Cambridge, and costs £260. If you teach at a UK state school or state-funded further education institution, a bursary of £100 is available.

Click here for full details and to book your place.

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