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Gramarye 7 published

The Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy (SCFFF) based at the University of Chichester have published the latest edition of their journal Gramarye.

With contributions from Tom Shippey and Alaric Hall, each issue of Gramarye is available for just £5. The contents of this issue are:

  • ‘Land Under Wave: Reading the Landscapes of Tiffany Aching’, by Jane Carroll
  • ‘Jacek Yerka’s Rhetoric of the Impossible’, by Joe Young
  • ‘The King’s Amulet’, by Rosalind Kerven
  • ‘The Seal Wife’, by Judith Woolf
  • ‘They Say England Has No Folktales’, by Jacqueline Simpson
  • ‘My Favourite Story When I Was Young’, by Sadhana Naithani
  • A review of Veronica L. Shanoes’ Fairy Tales, Myth, and Psychoanalytic Theory: Feminism and Retelling the Tale, by Naomi Wood
  • A review of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary, together with Sellic Spell, by Tom Shippey
  • A review of Daniel Gabelman’s George MacDonald: Divine Carelessness and Fairytale Levity, by Colin Manlove
  • A review of Marina Warner’s Once Upon a Time, by Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère
  • A review of Malcolm C. Lyons’ Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange, by Ruth B. Bottigheimer
  • A review of Adam Roberts’ The Riddles of The Hobbit, by Jane Carroll
  • A review of Jelena Curcic’s Serbian Fairy Tales, by Joanna Coleman
  • A review of Jonathan Walker’s Five Wounds: An Illuminated Novel, by Robin Furth
  • A review of J. R. R. Tolkien: The Forest and the City, by Alaric Hall

You can buy the latest issue of Gramarye here. To get printed copies of the journal you can become a subscriber via the University’s website.

About the Author: Shaun Gunner
Shaun is the Chair of The Tolkien Society. First elected in 2013, Shaun has overseen the Society's expansion from 600 to 3,500 members. Shaun regularly speaks about adaptations of Tolkien's works and the future of Tolkien scholarship whilst passionately believing the Society needs to reach out to new audiences. In his spare time he can be found playing video games and Lego, or on Twitter. He chaired another charity, Mankind, and is a local councillor.