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Contents of Tolkien Studies volume 12 announced
Tolkien Studies 12 features a new cover design

The editors of Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review have revealed the contents of the twelfth volume due out later this year. On behalf of his co-editors Michael D.C. Drout and Verlyn Flieger, David Bratman made the announcement on his blog.

Tolkienists may be particularly interested in the re-print of the “ultra-rare” obituary Tolkien wrote for his former supervisor at the Oxford English Dictionary, Henry Bradley.

The main scholarly articles include:

Kelley M. Wickham-Crowley, “‘Mind to Mind’: Tolkien’s Faërian Drama and the Middle English Sir Orfeo”

Kris Swank, “The Irish Otherworld Voyage of Roverandom”

Simon Cook, “The Peace of Frodo: On the Origin of an English Mythology”

Carrol Fry, “‘Two Musics about the Throne of Ilúvatar’: Gnostic and Manichaean Dualism in The Silmarillion”

Alban Gautier, “From Dejection in Winter to Victory in Spring: Aragorn and Alfred, Parallel Episodes?”

Sherrylyn Branchaw, “Boromir: Breaker of the Fellowship?”

For a full contents list and an outline of changes to the publication, see David Bratman’s blog post.

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