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Boy suspended from school after threatening classmate with Ring

Aiden Steward, a 9-year-old student at Kermit Elementary School in Texas, was suspended from school after claiming to use Ring against a classmate to turn him invisible.

After seeing The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in the cinema, Aiden told a classmate that he would put the Ring over another child’s head to turn him invisible. The school took the decision to suspend 9-year-old Aiden and send him home.

Aiden’s father, Jason, said “I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend’s existence. If he did, I’m sure he’d bring him right back.” The school declined to comment.

About the Author: Shaun Gunner
Shaun is the current Chair of The Tolkien Society. Elected in 2013, Shaun regularly speaks about adaptations of Tolkien's works whilst passionately believing the Society needs to reach out to new audiences. In his spare time can be found in the cinema, playing video games and Lego, or on Twitter.