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Tolkien Studies: Volume 11 Published

Tolkien Studies 11The eleventh issue of Tolkien Studies, the first scholarly peer-reviewed journal devoted to Tolkien studies, has been published by West Virginia University Press.

The main articles include:

  • John Garth, “‘The road from adaptation to invention’: How Tolkien Came to the Brink of Middle-earth in 1914”
  • Sister Maria Frassati Jakupcak, “‘A Particular Cast of Fancy’: Addison’s Walk with Tolkien and Lewis”
  • Nelson Goering, “Lŷg and Leuca: ‘Elven-Latin,’ Archaic Languages, and the Philology of Britain”
  • Bernhard Hirsch, “After the ‘end of all things’: The Long Return Home to the Shire”
  • Richard Z. Gallant, “Original Sin in Heorot and Valinor”
  • Michael A. Wodzak and Victoria Holtz Wodzak, “Visibílium Ómnium et Invisibílium: Looking Out, On, and In Tolkien’s World”
  • Verlyn Flieger, “But What Did He Really Mean?”
  • Michael D. C. Drout, Namiko Hitotsubashi and Rachel Scavera, “Tolkien’s Creation of the Impression of Depth”

For the full list of contents, including book reviews and other notes and documents, and to download articles if you have the appropriate subscription, see here.

About the Author: Daniel Helen
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