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Father’s dying request is to see third Hobbit film

Scott Stouffer, from Chicago, is sadly suffering from terminal cancer. His daughter, Jesse, posted a video on YouTube that her father’s last request is to see the final Hobbit film due out this December.

In the video, Jesse says:

We have a family tradition of seeing Hobbit movies together. But my father is suffering from terminal cancer. He is not expected to make it to December. As this is when The Hobbit movie is going to be released, one wish we would like to fulfil is to have this family tradition continue. And see if my family would be able to see it together before December. In order to spread the word about this, We are using the hashtag #HobbitMovieLastRequest to get the word out to the directors and creators in order to continue this family tradition [..] It would mean the world to me and my family. Thanks for helping keep a Family Tradition alive, and for helping to answer my father’s last wish.

If you support Jesse’s campaign, please share the video via social media with the #HobbitMovieLastRequest hashtag.

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