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Tell us why you love The Hobbit

77 years ago today, on the 21st September 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien’s children’s story The Hobbit was published. Having captivated tens of millions of children – tell/show us why you love The Hobbit.

The Hobbit has sold 100 million copies worldwide and consistently ranks highly as one of the world’s most cherished books. But, why do you love The Hobbit? Get involved in the following ways:

We would particularly love to see any photos or videos expressing your love for The Hobbit. We will share all the best comments, photos, messages and videos so everyone will know what it means to love Tolkien and his books.

About the Author: Shaun Gunner

Shaun is the current Chair of The Tolkien Society. Elected in 2013, Shaun regularly speaks about adaptations of Tolkien’s works whilst passionately believing the Society needs to reach out to new audiences. In his spare time can be found in the cinema, playing video games and Lego, or on Twitter.

  • I love the Hobbit! The first time I read it, I was 6 years old; my dad had suggested it to me, thinking I would enjoy it. I did, tremendously!
    I’ve been reading it over and over ever since. 🙂

  • Dasta Louise Anozira

    I love the adventure. I love everything about the story, actually.

  • marcine cohen

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