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Interview with Royd Tolkien has recently interviewed Royd Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien’s great-grandson. In the interview, Royd talks about his great-grandfather’s works, the recent adaptations and his own production company.

In the interview, Royd states that although he hasn’t read Unfinished Tales or The History of Middle-earth he was “hooked” by The Lord of the Rings and considers it “Fab, humbling, privileged and proud.” that he is related to Tolkien. Royd describes the decision to split The Hobbit into three films as “brave” and calls The Lord of the Rings film trilogy “an inspiration”.

Interestingly, he also confirms the influence of The Tolkien Society in his early life and speaks of the “fun times” that were had when members of the Society visited him in Wales:

Kelvarhin: When you were growing up were you aware of your great-grandfather’s legacy? Did other kids ask you about the stories?

Royd: When I was growing up he wasn’t as film-famous as he is now. I can’t recall anyone asking me about the stories, it was normally what football team you supported or who fancied who! As a family, we’ve always been involved with The Tolkien Society and when I was a kid they used to come up to our small farm in Wales for Summer Moots. They’d dress up as characters, camp in the field, sword flight, let off homemade fireworks and have huge campfires. The first awareness of the legacy came from those fun times.

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