Posted at 19:30 on 8 October 2015

To mark the 60th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings, HarperCollins have today published The Art of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien edited by Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull.

Posted at 19:43 on 28 September 2015

Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions are auctioning a letter which explains the creation of Estella Brandybuck née Bolger, the wife of Meriadoc Brandybuck, on the 22nd October 2015.

Posted at 19:06 on 4 September 2015

Middle-earth Festival comes to Sarehole Mill this weekend. The event – formerly taking place in May and known as Middle-earth Weekend – takes place at the historic location where J.R.R. Tolkien lived as a child.

Posted at 19:23 on 6 October 2015

The Tolkien Society’s Yulemoot 2015 will take place at The Old Contemptibles pub in Birmingham. Bring along your costumes (not compulsory!) to celebrate the day with food, drink and fantastic company! The free event is open to anyone, so come along to celebrate Yule in style!

Posted at 15:53 on 22 September 2015

The 22nd September, Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday, marks “Hobbit Day” worldwide. Since 1974 the Society has held Oxonmoot in honour of the anniversary, whilst you’ve probably seen us talking about it today on Facebook and Twitter. But how else can you get involved in?

Posted at 18:57 on 18 September 2015

Nancy Martsch, editor of Beyond Bree (the newsletter of the Tolkien Special Interest Group of American Mensa), has announced the release of Beyond Bree Calendar for 2016.

Posted at 19:54 on 16 September 2015

Groups in New Zealand have criticised the level of Government subsidy for The Hobbit film trilogy, reportedly reaching around NZ$200 million, as poor value-for-money for New Zealand.

Posted at 18:48 on 31 August 2015

The Tolkien Society is pleased to announce the publication of Journeys & Destinations, the 16th booklet in the Peter Roe series. The book is available from just £5 from the Society’s website.