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FantasyCon 2014
3 – 5 July 2014
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The Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah

FantasyCon 2014 will feature a variety of Tolkien-related guests and entertainments.

FantasyCon is the first convention of its kind–the first to answer the call for an interactive, immersive experience that encompasses all things fantasy. Many have dreamed of living in a world where adventure and magic rule the day and ogres, dwarfs, dragons, and elves are more common-place than mere humans.

FantasyCon gives you a chance to meet the celebrities that inspired our imaginations, make merry, feast on great food, enjoy masterful works of art, explore the the wonders of medieval craftsmanship, shoot a bow, swing a sword, and interact with unique fantasy performers and celebrities. FantasyCon is a three-day event designed to inspire and provide enjoyment to all who dream of adventure, magic, and beauty.

Find our more at the FantasyCon website.