Teaching Tolkien
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If you love Tolkien, then your enthusiasm is going to make learning with Tolkien a pleasure for your students. Tolkien has a wide appeal – students who would not normally read for pleasure are reading The Lord of the Rings.

Our Studying Tolkien page may also offer you with further help or inspiration, and you may want to give some of those resources to your students.

Teaching Ideas

The following documents suggest ways Tolkien could be used to meet learning objectives set out in the English National Curriculum.

Teaching Packs

Secondary Education:

Further and Higher Education:

Special Educational Needs

Using Tolkien is a great way to get children with special educational needs to engage with literacy and language, and books like The Hobbit, Roverandom, Mr Bliss and The Father Christmas Letters are especially good at capturing the imagination of children of all ages.

All of Tolkien’s major publications are available as audiobooks (which are downloadable or available on CD), and there are also a number of dramatizations (e.g. The Hobbit [1968] and The Lord of the Rings [1981]) which might be useful teaching aids.

Putting on a Performance

Creating and staging a play or musical based on one of Tolkien’s stories can be a great way to involve children in Tolkien’s work. Keep in mind, however, that to put on public performances (and parents count as public!) you’ll need to obtain permission from Tolkien’s publishers, HarperCollins. If you’re in the USA, contact Houghton Mifflin Harcourt instead.