Website Sponsorship

The Tolkien Society website ranks third in Google searches for the word “Tolkien”. This means that our website is the ideal place to advertise Tolkien-related items.

We offer 240px by 400px vertical banners which are shown on almost every page on the website. Advertising duration works on a weekly or monthly basis, with payments made upfront.

Please note that as an educational charity there are certain restrictions on what products, services, websites, or organisations can be advertised. We will therefore judge, on a case by case basis, what is appropriate. But as long as you stick to the general guide of Tolkien or Tolkien-related items, we don’t foresee any problems.

All website sponsorship proposals should be sent to the Chairman.


Printed Advertisements

You can also advertise in the Society’s bulletin, Amon Hen. Published six times a year, most members receive their copy in the post while a small number access it online.

Advertising Rates

  1. Members, smials, SIGs, & affiliated societies
  2. Non-professional organisations and non-member fans
  3. Professional organisations
Full page Half page Quarter Announce
A. £20 £15 £10 Free
B. £50 £30 £20 £10
C. £80 £50 £30 £20

Advertising space in Amon Hen is allocated at the Editor’s discretion subject to the needs of the Society and the balance of the bulletin.

To advertise in Amon Hen, get in the touch with its editor:

amonhen [at] tolkiensociety [dot] org